The first downloadable content expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will finally be released on June 26. Fans have anticipated an add-on for Bethesda's open-roam RPG since its Nov. 2011 release, and now the day has finally come.

Earlier in the spring developers revealed that the additional content will be called Dawnguard, and it will feature an emphasis on the role of Vampire Lords. Players have the option of either choosing to complete this quest line as one of these creatures or as a vampire hunter. As promised, more information about Dawnguard was revealed earlier in June at E3 2012, but there are some key things players should know before diving into the DLC.

First, just like any other quest in Skyrim, the 'Dawnguard' story line must be initiated. For those who are level 10 and above, head over to a nearby town and begin dialogue with the Guard. When speaking with any of the guards in town, they will bring up a rumor concerning the Vampires making a comeback. They'll reveal that there's an elite group which specializes in hunting vampires, and coincidentally, they're seeking new recruits.

Once a player learns this information, the quest to find the fort Dawnguard appears. Unlike usual quests within the game, the marker that leads players to their destination is not accurate. Be sure to follow the compass on the top of the screen as a guide. When viewing the world map, players will see that the marker indicates the location of the person his or her character should be speaking to. There will be an area marked Speak with the leader of the Dawnguard, but players will have to head slightly northeast of that point. After trekking through the mountains, the character will reach that destination.

Once that section is found, there is a cave that leads to For Dawnguard, which is located past the invisible wall that separates Skyrim and Morrowind. Once a player is inside For Dawnguard, the quest is ready to begin.

The Dawnguard DLC brings a wealth of new content to the already enormous Elder Scrolls game. The story is focused on Harkon, a Volkihar vampire lord who has mysteriously returned, whose main mission is to black out the Sun. In order to do this, he will have to use the power of the Elder Scrolls, plunging Skyrim in eternal darkness. When the quest begins, the player has the option to either aid the Dawnguard in hunting down these vicious bloodsuckers or join the vamps in campaigning for darkness.

Skyrim fans also get some new skills and abilities with this pack, such as the ability to transform into flying vampire lords. Players get the Vampiric Grip ability in this form, which allows them to suspend enemies in the air while draining their health. There is also the stereotypical option to transform into a cloud of bats while in this state.

Playing as a vampire lord certainly has its advantages, and here is the full list of perks players have to look forward to in this form, courtesy of JustPushStart:

Power of the Grave- This gives 50 bonus points to health, magicka and stamina

Detect All Creatures- Vampire lords can detect all creatures, even dwarven automatons.

Mist Form- This is the ability to transform into an invulnerable mist, while a player's health, magicka and stamina regenerate.

Super Natural Reflexes- The rest of the world slows down as a vampire lord moves faster.

Summon Gargoyle- A type of Blood Magic that allows a player to conjure a gargoyle to fight in his or her place.

Corpse Curse- A form of Blood Magic which paralyzes a target.

Unearthly Will- Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 33 percent less.

Blood Healing- Killing an opponent with a power attack bite restores all of a player's health with this ability.

Poison Talons- This makes melee attacks cause 20 points of poison damage during battle.

Night Cloak- When in combat, this ability gives players the power to be surrounded by a swarm of bats. These winged companions feed on enemies with melee range.

The Dawnguard DLC is available beginning today for 1600 Microsoft points. Be sure to check out the video below to get a visual sense of how to locate the Dawnguard.