The lingering theme of E3 2012 was the integration of mobile technology and gaming, and Microsoft's unveiling of its SmartGlass project has reflected just that. Console creators are coming up with creative ways to make their gaming titles mobile, and now the developers of one of the most popular video games on the market hinted at the possibility of mobile game components.

Bethesda's lead artist for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has indicated that the company is considering taking its future projects to mobile devices. Matt Carafano sat down with CVG to talk about the future of additional game content for Bethesda, and what's in store for the long-awaited Dawnguard DLC.

The open-world RPG game's artist said that he is looking forward to the future of video game consoles.

I can see a lot of games are using smartphones and tablets to add to the content of the game and maybe that is something we'll look into in the future, Carafano said to CVG in a video interview at E3. With games like 'Skyrim' we try to make them as huge as possible, we add every feature we can think of and put it in the game, so next-generation consoles , that's just gonna let us do all the more stuff.

Carafano also told CVG that the studio was shocked by the success of Skyrim, which had shipped 10 million units worldwide only a month after its November 2011 release.

'Skyrim' was a huge surprise for the whole team, it's done incredibly well, he said. We have amazing fans and they've just really gotten behind this game with the modding community and everything, it has been unbelievable.

The lead artist said that Skyrim is different from previous Bethesda titles such as Fallout 3 because the studio was using an entirely new engine.

We were able to rewrite everything...We've has just an amazing time with the current generation of consoles, we've really gotten a lot out of them and we're really happy with how 'Skyrim' turned out.

It is unclear exactly what Bethesda would have in mind for mobile projects, but I don't think we'll be seeing a mobile port of the game anytime soon. It's more likely that Bethesda will develop a companion app similar to Microsoft's SmartGlass that will allow gamers to view maps or manage inventory from their phone or tablet.

The iOS platform already has the Dragon Shout map app for Skyrim, although the creator has faced some legal controversy recently. Bethesda's parent company Zenimax issued a copyright infringement notice to the app's creator last month. Dragon Shout has been described as an indie 'Skyrim' app for your adventures according to its iOS store description, and is still available despite the lawsuit.

 Another possibility is that a small-scale downloadable mini-game expansion would be made available as mobile gaming gains even more momentum in the industry.

Apple has also picked up on the importance of gaming in the technology community. The company just announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote that a version of Diablo 3 will be made for the Retina Display MacBook Pro. This is an unusual step for Apple as it has never been the prominent platform for PC gaming, but perhaps the Cupertino Calif.-based company is looking to change that.

Carafano also spoke to CVG about his work on the highly-anticipated Skyrim DLC Dawnguard at E3 2012. He said that Bethesda is excited to bring fans the first Skyrim expansion and described the vampire storyline. Players can take the role of a vampire hunter or vampire lord, and have the option of blocking out the sun to aid the blood-sucking creatures if they wish.

Early on in Dawnguard you're presented with a choice: Do you wanna become a hunter and help the hunters stop this evil plan, or do you wanna become a vampire lord and go down more of an evil path? Carafano said to CVG.

The vampire lord is all new- to Dawnguard and is different from previous vampire characters. Carafano described it as a monstrous being, and players will become even more powerful after killing enemies. The vampire lord has its own perk system and doesn't level the same way as other characters do, according to Carafano.

With Dawnguard we wanted to tell a whole new story, he said. We hadn't really had a chance to develop the vampires and bring them out in a really big and unique way.

There are also new high-level content such as dragons for players to look forward to.

Skyrim fans are sure to see exactly what Carafano is talking about very soon, since the Dawnguard DLC expansion has an expected release date of June 26. Check out the video from CVG below to view the full E3 interview.