One clever fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has taken his obsession outside the virtual world and into the live-action one. A real life parody of Bethesda's free roam RPG has surfaced onto the Internet on April 7th, and has accumulated more than a million views in less than three days.

The video, called How I Play Skyrim, opens with the character suiting up in his armor, preparing to destroy enemies and loot their remains. After an opponent is slain, a transparent screen appears allowing the fighter to add items to his inventory. With a snowy overlay and a backdrop of triumphant power metal, the character showcases some swift sword techniques. He also uses his shield to fend off magic users.

Players have been clocking major hours into Bethesda's action adventure game since its November release. The average play time for the critically acclaimed RPG is 85 hours, according to figures recently released by Bethesda. In addition to that, 30 percent of fans have put in upwards of 100 in-game hours. Gamers are sure to invest even more time in the virtual universe when the developer announces downloadable content that's currently in the works.

Bethesda recently filed a patent for the term Dawnguard, and hinted at some new DLC when responding to a fan on Twitter earlier this week.

Rest assure, it's coming, the Bethesda blog tweeted at a fan when referring to the DLC.

It was also announced today that GPU maker NVDIA released its GeForce 301.24 beta driver. What this means for Skyrim fans is a 20 percent increase in the game's performance, according to Hot Hardware. A graph depicts the increase in the amount of frames per second when running on the new beta, making visuals more enhanced and realistic.

But not as realistic as the video below, of course.