On April 16th Bethesda teased fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a screenshot via Twitter, hinting that a major announcement is to come. However, the new information the company was referring to applies to Dishonored, not the open-world RPG that will be making its way to Kinect soon.

Catch the new #Dishonored trailer on YouTube, the Bethesda Blog tweeted on April 17th.

On the previous day, the Twitter account posted a screenshot of a male character that was believed to be part of an upcoming Skyrim DLC pack. Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Pete Hines is known for teasing fans with Skyrim tidbits.

However, not all gamers were completely convinced that the new announcement was centered on Skyrim. On April 16th a fan tweeted at Hines saying that the screenshot resembled a character from a different game, asking if that is an unofficial 'No, it's not Skyrim.'

I will tell you tomorrow, when I tell you what it is. :-) was Hines' reply.

The video game publishing company also emphasized that their Elder Scrolls franchise isn't the only title worth playing.

You know, we do make other games besides Skyrim. : ) he also tweeted on April 16th.

I'm simply stating the fact that Bethesda publishes a number of games from a number of studios, another post from the public relations and marketing vice president read.

Skyrim fans began predicting a new additional content package when Bethesda filed a patent for the term Dawnguard back in March. Since then, the Bethesda Blog has been enticing fans with brief vague updates such as Stay tuned, it's coming, in response to Twitter inquires about the upcoming content.

The company also announced that some big announcements were to come in April, but this could be the recent reveal of the game's shift to Xbox 360's Kinect.

You'd better be a 10/10, Dishonored, Xbox 360's official magazine wrote when referring to the Skyrim let down.

It's no Skyrim, but check out the new Dishonored trailer.