Evan Spiegel is probably wishing email had Snapchat-like abilities to disappear, now that Valleywag has obtained vulgar messages sent by the Snapchat CEO while he was a Stanford University undergrad. In the emails, he talks about shooting “lazers [sic] at fat girls,” and hopes drunk girls will have sex with his friends.

In one of the emails, the future Snapchat CEO, who turns 24 next Wednesday, congratulates his Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers for throwing a party that “f----- raged.”

“Hope at least six girl [performed oral sex for you] last night,” he wrote, according to Valleywag. “Cuz that didn’t happen for me.”

Another email describes a stripper pole installed in the frat house.

“Its [sic] going to live in the house for a few days while I try to figure out how to save it,” Spiegel wrote.

Spiegel writes that another campus fraternity "decided to stop being gay."

He urged his frat brothers to pick up liquor and make Jell-O shots for a party. He also emailed a "shopping list" that included "1 ounce of marijuana" and "1 kilo of blow."

During Spiegel’s time at Kappa Sigma, the chapter was kicked off campus for violating Stanford’s controlled substances and alcohol policy. Valleywag said the frat house is where Spiegel and others conceived of Snapchat.    

The emails leaked at a time when it has become clear that CEOs make offensive remarks at their peril. Mahbod Moghadam, the co-founder of Rap Genius (an online-annotation website) was fired earlier this week after writing crude comments on the manifesto of California killer Elliot Rodger

Spiegel wasn't a high-profile tech executive when he wrote the sleazy emails. Current conventional wisdom says not to post anything damaging that might be seen by a future boss. But maybe the more important advice is: Don't post anything that could hurt you when you are the boss.