It’s been more than a month since Snapchat rolled out its new emoji feature, and there are still people who are confused. To make things even more difficult, some people have two emoji next to their name. Even though Snapchat shared what the meanings of each emoji are, some people find them vague.

For instance, the grimace face is given to someone a person snaps the most. That doesn’t seem like a bad thing, except that the grimace face shows up when two people share a best friend.

The smiley face is a little more relaxed and is used just for two people who snap each other often but aren’t best friends.

Some of the emoji are clearer. For instance, the smirk is a nice confidence booster. It’s used for someone who snaps the user more often than they snap their friend back. So having a smirk for that function makes sense. The fire emoji also makes sense since it just means two people are on a snap streak and have sent photos and videos for consecutive days.

The sunglasses emoji teeters on ambiguous since it’s used to show that the user and the friend have mutual friends that they also snap often. Shades are usually correlated with being stylish and hip, so maybe it’s cool to have the same friends in common?

The yellow heart is an exciting one for people who are upset over the dismissal of best friends. If a yellow heart shows up, that means users are each other’s best friends.

This information could come in handy for Snapchat users who are still uncertain and took to Twitter to share their confusion.

Other people don’t agree with the meaning:

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