There's but one more day for the Consumer Electronics Show, but before CNET's traditional Best of CES list comes out, here's what busted out of the huge trade show on day two. Most of the press has gone to so-called smart televisions, super-thin notebook computers and mobile devices, but they represent only a fraction of tech coming out of Las Vegas. Nintendo Wii U is back after its debut at last year's E3 show, and it's a bit closer to launch now, but still no date given.

One company called Xpal Power has developed a mobile phone that can get 15 years out of one charge. It's for emergencies, and it's called the SpareOne. PlexEasy is a stand alone DVD burner that can back up your photos, smartphone or tablet without hooking up to a computer. Sony already announced their first smartphone with the Xperia Ion on AT&T, but they also came out with a cool iPod dock that sounds great. Start the slideshow to see the CES 2012 day two wrap. Let us know in the comments if you're ready for some new gadgets or if you're all set for awhile on account of the holidays.

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