The biography of one of the greatest inventors of our times is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves Oct. 24. And just days after Steve Jobs' death, media reports suggest a film on his life is likely to be produced by Sony Pictures.

Because Sony has recently produced real-life business-based films such as The Social Network and Moneyball, it is likely a film on the Apple co-founder's life will come from the producer of Source Code.

Reportedly, the film will be based on Steve Job, the soon-to-be-published authorized biography of the inventor written by Walter Isaacson, former CNN chairman and Time managing editor.

Jobs' life already has been portrayed on screens in a 1999 TV film titled Pirates of Silicon Valley. Noah Wyle played Jobs, and the movie was appreciated by Apple's then-CEO.

According to a report, Sony Pictures has agreed to pay as much as $3 million for the movie rights to Isaacson's book. Sony has yet to comment on the issue.

Earlier, the Jobs biography was set for a Nov. 21 launch. Because of his death, however, publisher Simon & Schuster has moved the release date of the 448-page book to Oct. 24.

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