The Spice Girls have reunited to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. That even includes Geri Halliwell, also known as Ginger "Runaway" Spice, she manage to make time in her schedule to "spice up" her life, the Daily Mail reported. 

(Proof of the gals getting together and rehearsing for the ceremony can be seen here from the Daily Mail).

Victoria Beckham, "Posh Spice," Mel B, "Scary Spice," Emma Bunton, "Baby Spice," Melanie C, "Sporty Spice" and Gerri Halliwell "Ginger Spice" were photographed stomping along a stage together with microphones in hand.

It's been speculated that the Spice Girls were getting together to perform at the end of the Olympics, but the British song birds finally confirmed the hunch on Thursday, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported.

Don't be surprised if Gerri Halliwell performs in her British flag mini dress that she made famous.

"We literally flew the flag - and Geri even wore it - around the globe," Melanie Chisholm, "Sporty Spice," said in an interview earlier.

"So I think it would be a real shame if we weren't acknowledged in some way at the Olympics."

Victoria Beckham also opened up about her love for her country and her feelings on a reunion tour in an interview:

"I'm so respectful of my past and I love the other girls. We have some fantastic fans. Who knows, maybe some day we'll do something else with the Spice Girls. I would love nothing more."

"I don't know about a comeback tour but I loved being back with the girls. There was a lot of fun, we did so much together and we'll see. If they're up for something then I certainly am."

She also added, "We are so proud to be English and we are very excited about the Olympics."

Due to the photographs that were taken, it's looking like the Spice Girls will be showing off some coordinated dance moves just like the old days. It even looks like there have been some stunts added to their routine.

Could this be a sign of things to come in the future? A Spice Girl reunion tour would certainly sell out.

Some Spice Girl fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.

@TRossss said, "if the spice girls reunite for the closing ceremony i'll be so excited i might explode"

@meganellisisgod posted, "Omg Spice Girls reunion!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!"

@Drewwpy tweeted, "I hope the Spice Girls make new music together, or go on tour. I miss them sfb"

@karisade wrote, "ooh excited!! I've been singing spice girls ever since I heard the rumors"