U.S. President Barack Obama Saturday celebrated the Saint Patrick's Day at a local and boisterous Irish pub with his ancestral cousin from Moneygall, Ireland, and enjoyed a pint of Guinness beer.

Obama stopped by The Dubliner in Washington D.C. Saturday afternoon, wearing a green jacket which read, National Parks, America's Best Idea.

As Obama quaffed a pint of Guinness beer, hundreds of people surrounding him chanted U-S-A! U-S-A! and four more years!

Obama spent about 30 minutes at the bar which is located less than two miles from the White House.

The President went out on the streets after toasting and finishing his drinks with pub's patrons. He then waded through a crowd - some people wearing leprechaun hats and others in dyed green hair - at the opening of the tavern near Washington Union Station.

A woman requested Obama to sign on her face but he denied doing it.

According to pool reports, he spent a few minutes shaking hands outside and walked into the Dubliner, past a sign that read: He who drinks and knows his pace is always welcome in this place. But he who drinks more than his share is never welcome anywhere.

Every year St. Patrick's Day at the White House is celebrated by a visit by the Irish Prime Minister. However, this year, Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny will arrive only by Tuesday. Tuesday, Obama and Vice President Biden will meet Kenny and attend a St Patrick's Day lunch.

The celebrations will continue throughout the week.

Check out the photos of Obama drinking beer at The Dubliner.