Avery Brooks, better known as Captain Benjamin Sisko from the Star Trek series, was arrested on Sunday for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The 63-year-old was pulled over in Connecticut after local police received complaints about his erratic driving, the Daily Mail reported.

Brooks was taken into custody after the incident, and will appear in court for an arraignment on Feb.9, according to a report obtained by TheRedCarpet.com. The actor faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail, a one-year suspension of his driver's license and a $1000 fine.

Brooks, who also appeared in the Oscar-nominated film, American History X, has not commented on the incident.

Other Celebrities who have been charged with DUI, according to carinsurancecompanies.com:

Paris Hilton: Arrested in Los Angeles in 2006 for driving with a blood-alcohol level of 08 or higher.

Lindsay Lohan: In 2005 the actress was charged with DUI after police found cocaine in her crashed car.

Mike Tyson: In 2006 the boxer was arrested for being in possession of drugs. He showed signs of impairment and failed field sobriety tests.

Mel Gibson: The actor was arrested in 2006 after being stopped for speeding and being found in possession of an open container of alcohol.

David Hasselhoff: in 2002 the actor was charged with DUI after being caught intoxicated in his car