President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union Address 2012 on Tuesday night and a live stream is available online. 

The State of the Union Address will be delivered on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 9 p.m. EST in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives. The theme is, America Built to Last. 

The State of the Union Address invitation came from House Speaker John Boehner, per tradition. Boehner, a Republican, said the Democratic president was welcomed to appear in the House so congressional leaders could hear about his new ideas for working with Congress.

This will be Obama's third State of the Union Address, and he is expected to focus his message on job creation and efforts by the federal government to stimulate the struggling economy and reduce growing economic inequality. To see the live stream of the President's State of the Union Address 2012 click here

According to CNN, A Democratic source briefed on the latest draft of the speech said Obama will include a series of proposals, including:

-- Tax reform so that wealthy Americans pay more and the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expire

-- More refinancing for homeowners in trouble

-- Additional tax breaks for companies that bring back jobs to the United States

-- More clean energy incentives

-- Enhanced education and job-training initiatives, especially for high school graduates seeking technical degrees

-- Establishment of the so-called Buffett Rule that would set a minimum tax rate for people earning more than $1 million.

See Obama's 2011 State of the Union Address below: