Stephen Baldwin proved to be a young woman's knight in charming armor at New York's Peninsula Hotel Thursday. The 46-year-old actor reacted quickly when he spotted the woman in the throes of a full-blown epileptic seizure.

"All of a sudden, every head turned because there was this loud bang," Baldwin told the New York Daily News. "It was this girl, fallen on the floor."

Baldwin -- who is all-too-familiar with epilepsy because a close family member suffers from the disorder -- immediately sprinted into action. Meanwhile, other hotel guests sat idly by, watching the young woman thrash just mere inches away from them.

"A guy right next to us was just sipping his martini and didn't look up," a puzzled Baldwin told the Daily News.

"I held her hand and said a few prayers," Baldwin said. When she came to herself, he said, "She started going, 'Where am I? What happened?' And then I asked, 'Do you have epilepsy?' and she said, 'Yes.'"

Baldwin's publicist Brad Taylor, who he was meeting that fateful day, declared him a "hero." We certainly cannot argue with that.

A self-described Jesus Freak, Baldwin has never been one to shy away from publicly discussing his religious beliefs, which he has admitted has cost him several notable movie roles.

"Scientology is much more accepted in Hollywood than Jesus," Baldwin told the Huffington Post during one interview. "If you just look at Tom Cruise's career against Kirk Cameron, you can see it."

Baldwin's film "Loving the Bad Man" -- produced in 2010, but released in select theaters last year -- had Christians in an uproar. According to MSNBC, the movie is about "a woman who decides to forgive the rapist who impregnated her."