Steve Jobs has been described as one of the greatest visionaries of the century after his death, and many people have started following his vision not only philosophically, but also practically.

Following the death of Apple's co-founder and former CEO, people are buying or ordering Steve Jobs' vision - the rimless stainless-steel frame glasses - as if there is no tomorrow.

The German Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses are on display at a Hong Kong optical trade show in the booth of Power Bloom, the Asian distributor of the glasses.

After he passed, many, many clients and customers asked for these glasses, Wall Street Journal quoted marketing executive of Power Bloom, Garck Tsui as saying.

In the booth, a pair of glasses kept with a photo of Steve Jobs, reads: Steve Jobs 1955-2011: We have lost an ultimate genius. What he has left us are his overwhelming ideas and his favorite glasses.

Copies of Jobs' biography penned by Walter Isaacson are also kept in the booth.

The maker of the glasses, Lunor, is advertising the eyewear on its Web site as The glasses of Steve Jobs.

Many people in their comments on social networking sites and in the real world have criticized the marketing move saying that the company is capitalizing on the attention surrounding Jobs' death.

Commenting on the criticism indirectly, Tsui said, People see these (glasses) as a tribute to Mr. Jobs.

A pair of the Classic Rund PP costs about $450.