Monday, February 24 marks what would have been the 59th birthday of Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) who brought game-changing products to the marketplace such as the iPod, iTunes, iMac, iPhone and iPad.

While his death occurred in October 2011, fans of the Apple co-founder and innovator continue to remember him to this day.

Among the most notable, is current Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has sent out tweets on his Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) account in remembrance of Steve Jobs.



Popular Apple-centric blog, MacRumors notes that Cook’s second tweet may also be a subtle way of addressing the lack of “huge” announcements so far in 2014, while also reinforcing Jobs’ impeccable demand for perfection and attention to every little detail.

The lack of new product announcements in 2014 has been somewhat noticeable. However, several rumors and reports point to several new Apple devices in 2014, including a new Apple TV, iPhone (dubbed “iPhone 6”) and possibly an “iWatch.”

None of the products have been officially announced, so consumers and industry analysts will have to continue to wait for Apple to reveal these products to the public.

Despite the loss of Steve Jobs in 2011, fans of Jobs continue to remember the great innovator by sharing memories through Apple’s memorial page titled “Remembering Steve.”

In honor of Steve Jobs’ 59th birthday, take a moment to look at some of Jobs’ memorable and inspirational quotes here:

“Steve Jobs, The Journey Is The Reward” (1988)

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

Jobs speaking to INC Magazine (1989):

“You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.”

Memory and Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress (1991):

 “What a computer is to me is it's the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.”

Jobs interview with BusinessWeek (1998):

“I used to say that Apple should be the Sony of this business, but in reality, I think Apple should be the Apple of this business.”

Jobs interview with Fortune (2000):

“That's why I dropped the ‘interim’ from my title. I'm still called iCEO, though, because I think it's cool.”

From Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University Address:

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

NBC Nightly News Interview (2006):

“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

Apple Shareholder Conference Call (2010):

“Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.”