Like Bill Gates with Microsoft, Steve Jobs's name became synonymous with Apple.

Indeed, Jobs thought different. His ingenuity served as an inspiration to all who were enamored with the joys of technology.

The day before his death, Apple was the hottest topic around. New Apple chief executive Tim Cook had announced the iPhone 4S, which immediately vaulted to the top of the most eagerly anticipated new products, despite lackluster enthusiasm from those expecting the iPhone 5.

The last product under the helm of Jobs has hit the marketplace, as iPhone 4S preorders go into effect on Friday, and as a countdown begins for Oct. 14 when it hits stores.

This fact is not lost on fans of Jobs, meaning the iPhone 4S immediately becomes the most sentimental product of 2011, and should receive a bump in sales.

Fortunately for those interested in purchasing Jobs's last gadget, they will be receiving the best phone on the planet. Poorly named the iPhone 4S, as opposed to iPhone 5, this new phone is a must for anyone interested in having features that will be the first of its kind.

The most notable of the iPhone 4S's enhancements is Siri -- perhaps the most clever and useful feature that Apple has put out in years.

The voice-command product allows users to send a text message, read a text message, create a reminder, and schedule a meeting -- all without having to press any buttons.

To some, that might seem like a product that is unnecessary and caters to the lazy. But there are several users who have problems hitting the correct buttons on a small key pad due to perhaps larger fingers, and basically feel cut off from an increasingly common form of communication. Texting can be a frustrating endeavor, and now Apple has made it accessible to everyone.

Siri is capable of responding accordingly to the users requests, like when asking about reservations for a restaurant. When the copycats of Siri hit the market, it will be remembered that it was Apple that ran with the idea, under the management of Jobs.

The iPhone 4S preorders come with a two-year contract on their Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Apple offers an unsubsidized, unlocked iPhone 4S later in November at $649.

AT&T operators were reportedly already overwhelmed with phone calls.

The positive reception that iPhone 4S is getting is a testament to the high-quailty product that Apple and Jobs put out, and in some ways a thank you and good-bye to the most renowned inventor of his time.