Steve Jobs' death had everyone reacting with condolences, including the sports world.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died Oct. 5, 2011 of pancreatic cancer, changed the sports world forever.

Walk into a baseball clubhouse and one of the first things you see is a player fiddling around with his iPad or iPhone. They surf the web, poke around on Twitter or even play card games -- on their iPads.

Basketball locker rooms have the same feel -- even in college basketball. This March, Syracuse forward Kris Joseph showed off his recently purchased iPad in Cleveland, Ohio.

Syracuse's 77-60 win over Indiana State in the second round of the NCAA tournament? That was pushed to the backburner. All Joseph wanted to talk about was the iPad when someone asked what he would do with his off day between the second and third rounds in Cleveland.

Well, if you don't mind me doing something real quick... he said.

He displayed it for the world -- OK, a crowd of reporters -- to see. He showed off the game Tiny Wings, of which he was a fan. He explained Face Time to the crowd, but obviously someone did not understand when he said, You're Skyping yourself!

This was what Joseph would be doing on his day off.

There's not much to do in Cleveland, Joseph said, jokingly. Joakim Noah already said that.

The death of Steve Jobs did not go unnoticed in the sports world. Here are some of the reactions from Wednesday and Thursday:

  • R.I.P Steve Jobs. Someone who definitely left his mark on this world! Innovations that will live and last forever!! - LeBron James, Heat forward, on Twitter
  • A computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's a bicycle for our minds - Steve Jobs Devastated 2 hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. Was blessed 2 have the opportunity to spend time w/ him on several occasions. May he RIP. - Lance Armstrong, Tour de France champion and cancer survivor, on Twitter
  • Ahhh Steve Jobs was awesome. - Mark Herzlich, Giants linebacker and cancer survivor, on Twitter
  • Steve Jobs a creative and innovative genius has passed - may he RIP - Dick Vitale, college basketball announcer, on Twitter
  • It is very sad to hear that Mr. Steve Jobs has passed. He Will be greatly missed in many ways, will pray for his family!! #RIPSteveJobs #Apple - Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions defensive tackle, on Twitter
  • RIP Steve of the great visionaries of our time - Donte Stallworth, Redskins wide receiver, on Twitter
  • Can somebody help me out? Who was Steve Jobs! - Michael Oher, Ravens offensive tackle, via Twitter for iPhone