Six months after a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, and a French author, Tristan Banon, accused the former Chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, of individual instances of attempted rape and sexual assault, it seems that the evidence is piling up against the 62-year-old economist. Further revelations were published in a Daily Mail report, which quoted two hookers, Jade, 29, and Florence, 30; the former was quoted as saying Strauss-Kahn was treated like the Messiah when he arrived at orgies.

It seems that the former IMF Chief made a habit of attending group sex parties and orgies; something he himself admitted to, although he added that he never realized any woman in the party was paid for the sex.

According to Jade, a Belgian native, Strauss-Kahn was always courteous and respectful during the sleazy swingers parties.

I must say, I found DSK to be very pleasant and overly polite. Each encounter with him was mutually respectful. I have always ensured I am seen as a woman and not an object. When people respect each other, nothing bad happens, she was quoted as saying.

She also revealed that she had sex with Kahn the night before the alleged attack on Diallo, the hotel maid, adding that he even invited her to his offices at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C.

Most of the people at these evenings would have probably thought the participants were all just consenting adults, she said, referring to the sex parties, their participants and Strauss-Kahn's claims of not realizing the women were prostitutes. These details were given by Jade during a vivid interview with French newspaper Nord-Eclair.

She told the newspaper about one particular orgy, which had many well-known people, at the four-star Murano Hotel in Paris, and of the moments before Strauss-Kahn's arrival.

Everyone was saying, 'He's on his way'. I asked who they meant, as I had not heard of him at the time. They all seemed to be waiting for Dominique like the arrival of the Messiah, she said.

When he turned up, everyone was as usual very admiring of him. He always had a certain charisma about him, an aura. Although at that session I had very little contact with him, she added.

Florence, another prostitute, who admitted to 11 orgies, over six years, with Strauss-Kahn, was perhaps less admiring.

At these evenings, DSK had sex with every girl in the room. I'm not saying he raped me, but I got the feeling that he liked rough sex, she said.

Kahn, who has admitted to having an uninhibited but legal sex life, has stressed he never paid for sex and has a horror of prostitutes and pimps. He has demanded to be interviewed to be cleared his name and of the malicious insinuation he paid women for sex, the report said.

The attempted rape and sexual assault charges have badly damaged the former top banker's position and reputation and have certainly put an end to whatever political ambitions he may have had.