Game developers Capcom have confirmed that a host of unlockable content has been included with Street Fighter X Tekken retail disc for Xbox 360 and PS3, including 12 previously unknown characters, and that players have to pay an additional fee to unlock and access them.

According to the reports, the 12 unknown characters will cost $20 and will only be made available later in the year when the game’s PS Vita version is released, where the characters will be available for free. It is also known that the alternate costumes, which are a part of the unlockable content, will cost $1 each, which eventually adds up to a giant $100 worth of DLC, as there are 50 characters in total with two extra costumes each.

Capcom fans are not at all animated by the decision made by the company as they feel that they will once again need to shell out more money for content that already exists on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc that they already paid for in the first place.

Now the fans have started venting out their frustrations over Capcom’s highly questionable DLC policies and few of them have cancelled their pre-orders for the game. Few of the consumers have also sent complaints to the Better Business Bureau as they feel that this a scam on the part of the company to extort more money from the players.

More information are yet to arrive from Capcom, according to a report.