Research firm Ipsos OTX on Thursday called for a meeting among the major and independent studios and their partners to discuss new and better ways to conduct pre-release film tracking.

At this meeting, OTX's Motion Picture Group plans to present a new tracking product that it describes as a starting point toward modernizing the process of tracking and predicting the performance of films at the box office.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the London Hotel in Los Angeles on November 16, 2011. OTX didn't specify about the state of the RSVP list.

Research and tracking methods need to be updated dramatically to reflect the evolution of consumer behavior, said Vincent Bruzzese, president, worldwide motion picture group. We all recognize that today's consumer is vastly different than they were even five years ago, yet we ask them the same questions.

Today's moviegoer has many choices for their media consumption, and that needs to be reflected in a film's research and marketing. While we believe we have identified some of the major issues and some possible solutions, I believe that only by accumulating and combining the knowledge and experience of those in the industry who have used tracking regularly can we, together, finally crack this nut.