Here's a look at some of the top ads in the 2012 Super Bowl.

Volkswagen: The Bark Side and The Dog Strikes a Back

In 2011, Volkswagen featured one of the most popular Super Bowl ads with its Star Wars-themed commercial that showed a child using the force to start a car. This year, Volkswagen has come back with a two-part sequel. The Bark Side, and The Dog Strikes Back. In the first, a chorus of dogs bark along to the imperial march from the Star Wars movies. In The Dog Strikes Back, we see a dog participating in a training regime that involves him trying to keep up with a Volkswagen. A group of Star Wars characters watching the commercial are later attacked by Darth Vader for saying the dog is funnier than he. (For Videos Scroll Down)

Go Daddy: Body Paint

In one of its sexiest ads to date, Go Daddy has employed several models for its 2012 Super Bowl ad, where two women paint domain names on a half naked body to advertise the new Go Daddy Co venture for businesses.

E* Trade: Fatherhood

Well known for their Talking Baby ads, E*Trade Financial Corp. has featured another talking baby in their 2012 Super Bowl ad. The baby reassures his nervous father about planning his newborn daughter's future with the help of the financial consultants at E*Trade.

Audi: Vampires

Audi has gone Twilight in its 2012 Super Bowl ad, using a theme of vampires to make audiences notice the cars new stylish headlights.

Toyota: Camry

Toyota has reinvented its new Camry and with it comes a trendy comical commercial. Using good-looking male and female models in an ideal world where curtains are made of pizza and fruit blenders play Lionel Richie, the commercial has become one of the most popular of the 2012 game.

Film: The Dictator

 A Snippet of Sasha Baron Cohan's new film The Dictator features in a 33 second Super Bowl ad. The Borat-style film is a comedy that tells the story of a Middle Eastern autocrat.

David Beckham Body wears for H&M

H&M features David Beckham in a slow motion black and white ad of the footballer displaying his new underwear line.

Doritos: Dog Park

In this comic ad, a group uses Doritos as dog treats to train dogs.

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Coke Polar Bears:

Coke's polar bears have returned to Super Bowl and the ads will be altered according to the direction in which the game is going. A first-quarter 30-second ad will introduce the bears chilling out on their snowfa, rooting for opposing teams. Then, depending on who is leading, another ad will follow.