They finally did it. The remaining castaways of "Survivor: Second Chance" voted out Joe in episode 12, at long last removing the game's biggest physical threat. They had to wait weeks for Joe to lose an individual immunity idol challenge to even have the opportunity to eliminate him -- and then an extra week as the tribe put the task on hold to blindside Stephen -- but now that the deed is done, the tribe will have to figure out who to target next in episode 13.


After tribal council, Keith was feeling a little out of the loop after being the only one left out of the plan to vote for Joe. Plus, Tasha is not too thrilled that he wrote her name down and says he now has a target on his back as far as she is concerned. 

Speaking of Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer are worried about her and Kimmi flipping on them not that a girls alliance is a possibility -- and a plan in Kelley's mind. As Jeremy puts it, they have "buyer's remorse" about taking out Joe. 


In the episode's individual reward challenge the castaways are attached to a rope wrapped around wooden structure. They have to climb over and under the bars of the structure to unspool themselves and, hopefully give themselves enough slack to finish the challenge, which requires them to climb over a wood bridge, retrieve a bunch of sand bags and knock a stack of blocks off a platform in the distance. Keith charges ahead to win the the challenge -- he won this same challenge in "Blood vs. Water."

Now he has to choose two people to come with him on his reward -- a return trip to the temples where they began the game for a blessing, a feast, and a night's sleep in the temple! Keith chooses Kelley, since she picked him for the family visit reward, and Spencer because ... well, that remains unclear. He tries to explain that he feels Spencer did not get much time with his girlfriend, while some of the other castaways have more solid bonds with their loved ones, such as Jeremy and his wife. However, he clumsily forgets Tasha's name while rambling -- is he just tired from the challenge or overwhelmed by the choice he has to make? -- and leaves a bad impression on the four castaways left behind. That does not bode well at a point in the game where four is the magic number for the next tribal council majority and four is the number of castaways not headed on the super cool reward. 

Alliances Forming 

On their temple reward -- which looks downright magical, by the way -- Spencer, Kelley, and Keith make a pact to go to the final three together and decide they want to try to take out Tasha next. Unfortunately, that plan involves Abi staying loyal to them and not doing anything unpredictable and irrational. As Spencer points out, that is a lot to ask of Abi.

Meanwhile, back at camp Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi, and Abi discuss voting out Keith next, since he keeps winning at challenges. However, later, after another tense Abi/Tasha moment, Tasha decides it is not worth risking keeping Abi around with her constantly flipping her allegiance on a dime. They plan to talk to Spencer when he gets back from reward and devise a plan to blindside Abi. Suddenly, Abi-Maria Gomes is very important in this game!


Survivor: Second Chance Tasha Fox (pictured) struggles in the water in the immunity challenge in episode 13 of "Survivor: Second Chance." Photo: CBS

At the individual immunity challenge the castaways have to race out into the water, navigating series of aquatic obstacles, to retrieve a key. Then, they have to race back to unlock and solve a puzzle. The first to solve their puzzle wins immunity.

Jeremy and Spencer get off to an early lead. Then, when Spencer falls on one of the obstacles, Jeremy takes a huge solo lead. However, Spencer makes up a lot of ground in the swimming portion to make it a race. Then, when Spencer solves the puzzle in less than 15 second he shocks Jeremy to win immunity!

Afterwards, though, comes a scary moment, as Jeff and the tribe realize that Tasha is still out in the water and struggling. She calls for help and medical has to pull her out of the water where she is having trouble. She just got tired and swallowed a bunch of water, but it rattles her, as well as the other castaways, who are all exhausted after 33 days in Cambodia. 

Tribal Council

Despite Tasha's close call, Kelley, Keith, and Spencer still plan to vote Tasha out and even Abi seems to be on board. However, Jeremy and Tasha approach Spencer as well with a plan to vote out Abi along with Kimmi. It seems Spencer will be the deciding swing vote and he has to decide which situation will be better for him. He chooses the alliance that brought him this far and votes for Abi. Ironically, even if Spencer had voted for Tasha the vote would have been a tie between Abi and Tasha as Abi inexplicably voted for Keith. In any case, Abi becomes the 13th person voted out and the 14th person out of the game.