With just nine castaways left, things are starting to get intense on CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Alliances are forming and despite having the Brains on the outs, a former Beauty tribe member was sent home in episode 8. Ahead of next week’s installment of the “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty” competition series, let’s examine who might be on the chopping block in Season 32, episode 9, “It’s Psychological Warfare.”

1. Jason. Tai surprisingly voted for him, despite being a member of his alliance, in episode 8’s tribal council. He and Scot have quickly become villains this season for their attitudes and their decision to “seek vengeance” following Wednesday’s blindside vote may work against them. Despite sharing stories of his home life in Wednesday’s installment, Jason may find himself up for elimination in episode 9.

2. Scot. Jason’s teammate could also be at risk of being sent home. He tosses the around the idea of “starving” his fellow castaways by taking away their axe and machete in the episode 9 promo. Talking away people’s access to food won’t gain him any friends on the island. 

3. Julia. During episode 8’s tribal council Tai revealed he’s aware of this season immunity idol twist, and the existence of the super idol, which surprised Julia who is in an alliance with him. Debbie warned Julia that her lack of knowledge about the super idol most likely means she’s at the bottom of her alliance. With Aubry noticing in the episode 9 promo that Julia is playing both sides of the coin, her alliance with Brawn and the women, she may want to watch her back. “Sometimes the guy in the middle of the road gets run over,” Aubry warns. 

Julia Survivor Kaoh Rong Julia will be accused of playing two alliances in episode 9 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Photo: CBS

4. Aubry. Castaways have been tossing around her name for quite some time. While she found an ally in Nick, who warned her she may be voted off in episode 8, he was sent home. Being an original Brain member could mean Aubry is in danger.

5. Debbie. Despite her best efforts to play the game, her inability to recruit new allies subtly could backfire. Debbie said during Wednesday's tribal council she always has “hope,” but will that work in her favor?

No matter who is up for elimination host Jeff Probst has made it clear to the players that a true fighter will remain in the game. “As long as you keep fighting, anything can happen,” he last told the castaways.

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