Gen X’s new tribe leader may want to watch her back. A promo for next week’s installment of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” reveals Lucy may be at risk of being on the chopping block.

NBC’s promo for episode 4 reveals that Lucy may take over for Paul as leader of the Gen X tribe after taking part in his blindside elimination. Not everyone in the group, however, will not take too kindly to her newfound role.

A scene from the promo for “Who’s The Sucker at the Table?” shows Lucy having a talk with David and Ken and informing them not to “talk to anybody else.” “We went from one dictator to another,” Ken complains as Lucy is shown sauntering around camp.

Host Jeff Probst wasn’t surprised by Paul’s elimination, telling Entertainment Weekly his personality was his downfall. Could Lucy, who describes herself as being “stubborn, hardworking, and controlling,” face a similar fate? 

“Paul was his own worst enemy... his Achilles heel is the same one that ails so many of us, including me — we often don’t see how our behavior impacts others. He had no idea that he was coming across as bossy,” Jeff said. “Being a leader is one thing, but being a bossy leader is another.”

While tensions will be high among those in Gen X, it won’t be the only battle of the episode. The preview shows the two tribes going head-to-head in an aquatic race, also known as the Battle Dig challenge, which will result in some nudity. “They about to see some tatas today!” Michaela announces as she takes off her top in effort to escape from the Gen X players.

Next week’s installment will also feature the discovery of an idol. After David found his hidden immunity idol in episode 2, Jeff told EW an unnamed player will make an “emotional idol find” in episode 4. 

Check out photos for “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” episode 4 below and don’t forget to tune in Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Michaela Survivor Michaela (right), pictured with teammate Figgy, will be responsible for some nudity during episode 4’s Battle Dig challenge. Photo: CBS

Survivor Chris, David and Ken works together in a scene from next Wednesday’s “Survivor.” Photo: CBS

Survivor The Millennials tribe is pictured in a scene from “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” episode 4. Photo: CBS