Figgy and Taylor
Figgy and Taylor’s romance caught the unwanted attention of some of their tribe mates on Wednesday's “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” CBS

One castaway faced a medical emergency on the latest installment of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” while another met their fate in tribal council. Find out who was sent home and which tribe won immunity in Season 33, episode 2 of the CBS series.

Gen X Camp

Wednesday’s installment kicks off with trouble at camp Gen X. After five days the group is still unable to get a fire going. David, wanting to prove his worth to his tribe, says he has to do something big and is the first one to make fire. Paul, the seeming leader of a six-person alliance, says nothing has changed and David will be the next to go home.

David continues to try to help his tribe all the while looking for hidden immunity idols. During a search for rocks to place around the fire, he comes across one hidden idol inside of a coconut. When he starts up a friendship with Ken, he reveals he has the idol and the two agree they need to make a big move, meaning getting Paul out.

Medical Emergency

While Ken tries to get other Gen X players on their side, Paul mentions he doesn’t feel well and lies down. After he complains his hands are dumb, producers step in and call in a doctor to examine him. The doctor does a scan to check Paul’s heart and says he’s fine, only having suffered from heat exhaustion and the beginning of dehydration. With a clean bill of health, Paul remains in the game and David is ashamed to admit he’s slightly disappointed.

Paul Gen X Survivor
Paul was seen by a doctor at camp during episode 2 of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” Season 33.  CBS

Millennials Camp

At the Millennial camp, Figgy’s romance with Taylor continues to bloom and the other tribal members take notice. Michaela calls out the showmance for kissing in the shelter, telling the cameras its “dumb” Figgy put herself front and center so early on in the game. Despite Michaela’s comment, Figgy says she doesn’t think she and Taylor are at risk of being labeled as a power couple. Jay eventually pulls Taylor aside and warns him the relationship could put their entire alliance at risk, but Taylor disagrees.

Immunity Challenge

The second immunity challenge of the season has the players racing through a water obstacle to get five keys which opens a chest containing a mask. From there, they must race to get a series of rings underwater and throw them onto floating platforms. The first team to win gets immunity and a reward: a tarp to bring back to camp.

David struggles during the challenge, giving the Millennials an initial leg up, but Gen X catches up during the rings portion. Ken, doing most of the work, wins immunity for his tribe, sending the Millennials to their first tribal council.

Ken Survivor
Ken helped secure a big win for tribe Gen X on episode 2 of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” CBS


Back at camp, Mari says she wants to blindside Figgy with the votes and send her home. Michaela says she’s convinced Figgy is on her way out, but Jay isn’t satisfied with the plan. When he tells Michelle their alliance member is likely going home, she says they need to act in order to keep the numbers on their side. Michelle suggests they go with Mari instead. Jay tries to get Michaela and Figgy to “kiss and makeup” by telling Figgy she’s on the chopping block and telling Michaela she’s next.

Tribal Council

Going into the vote, Michelle says she’s unsure if they have the numbers to save Figgy and she may have to do some work during tribal. During the group’s talk with host Jeff Probst, Michelle drops a bombshell on Hannah, whispering to her that she is voting for Mari instead of Figgy. Hannah is shocked and asks for a reason why, but Michelle doesn’t offer one. Figgy tells Jeff she’s feeling a little uncertain going into the vote being in love triangle and having an ongoing feud with Michaela.

Ultimately, Figgy receives just three votes and Mari gets six, making her the second castaway to be voted out of “Millennials vs. Gen X.” Mari announces she’s “salty” during her exit and says she was blinded by the vote.

Mari Survivor
Mari was voted off by the Millennial tribe on Wednesday’s “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” episode 2. CBS

“Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.