Gen X Survivor
Four members from Gen X tribe were sent to a Summit meeting with the Millennials in Season 33, episode 3. CBS

The battle of Millennials and Generation X continued on Wednesday's installment of the CBS series. Find out which Season 33 tribe won immunity, which team was sent to tribal council and who was voted off in episode 3 of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.”


Adam and Zeke return to camp after Mari’s blindside elimination and realize they’re at the bottom of the barrel. Hannah tries to explain her decision to vote off Mari to Zeke, saying she had to do it for the sake of her own game, but he only asks for some space. When Hannah continues to defend herself, Zeke accuses her of acting like a victim. Hannah says she hope they can work together in the future.

Meanwhile, just as Figgy says those who write her name down will go home next, Adam says he’s going to work to get into a position of power again and thinks he can do it.

Gen X

David recognizes he, Ken and Cece are still at the bottom of their tribe. He says he feels there’s hope for him having an idol though. Meanwhile, despite having a medical emergency, Paul says he feels re-energized in the game. Ken, however, does not enjoy seeing Paul continue to have power in the tribe. Ken says Paul rarely fulfill his promises and doesn’t provide for their team.


Adam announces to the Millennials they have received tree mail in the form of a bag of rocks. They’re told those who pull an orange rock out of the bag will be sent to socialize with the other tribe. Will, Jay, Taylor and Figgy are the chosen ones and Taylor is thrilled his alliance is going on the special mission.

David, Ken, Cece and Chris are chosen from the Gen X team and the tribes meet at a beach to break bread. During the meal, Figgy denies there are any relationships going on within their tribe, despite her romance with Taylor, when Paul inquires.

After Paul upsets David by mentioning to the others he gets scared by bugs, David has a chat with Taylor. He tells the Millennial he wants to work with him, should they ever merge into one tribe and Taylor agrees. David says he’s willing to vote out his own tribe members to prove his loyalty.

Post-Summit Gen X

When the group returns from the summit, David says he felt like he got a “ray of hope” after meeting with Taylor. While David sees a future for himself in the game, Ken makes it known to Jessica he still feels like he’s on the outs. Jessica says she’s aware he wants Paul gone but doesn’t know if it is wise to betray her alliance members just yet.

Post-Summit Millennials

Figgy speaks to her alliance and says the next person to go home will be Zeke. Meanwhile, Adam admits he’s still reeling from the last tribal council and says in order for their to be a shift, Figgy or Taylor need to go home. He shares his thoughts with Michaela and Hannah. Despite having issues with Figgy, Michaela says she’s unsure if she wants to join the minority.

The tribes competed for immunity and comfort rewards on Wednesday’s installment. CBS

Immunity Challenge

Host Jeff Probt tells the tribes they will be carrying heavy bags over and under obstacles and then traveling with the bags across a balance beam. From there, they must separate sand bags from coconuts and use the bags to knock down puzzle pieces. The first tribe to rearrange their puzzle will earn immunity and a comfort reward: a hammock, blanket, pillows and lounge chairs.

The Millennials take the lead out of the gate and their strategy during the balance beam portion impresses Jeff. Ken helps bring Gen X back to speed during the puzzle piece demolition but the Millennials are the first one to begin arranging their puzzle. Gen X decides to stay silent while David and Sunday arrange the puzzle but the Millennials decide to share tips from the bench, resulting in their second win for the season.

After Jeff presents them with immunity and their reward, they make a request to switch the comfort items in for fishing gear. Jeff says Gen X must agree to the trade, and they deny their request.

Who won: Millennials

The Tides Turn

Cece Survivor
Cece struggled with the immunity challenge in episode 3. CBS

The Gen X alliance of six agrees Cece should be the one sent home after taking too long during the balance beam portion of the challenge. Cece worries she’s in trouble when no one tells her the plan for tribal, but her luck quickly changes.

When Paul approaches alliance member Jessica to talk about the vote, she realizes she may be on the outs being female despite him denying he’s doing a “boys things.” Jessica, Sunday and Lucy agree to vote out Paul. David, Ken and Cece also continue to voice their desire to eliminate him.

Tribal Council

Cece tells Jeff she’s never felt safe in the game but still doesn’t. She gives her a 10 percent chance of not being sent home. Jessica says she hopes the vote will better the tribe and help them win challenges. She says that winning means relying on the group as a whole, and not just the alliance of six.

The vote ultimately reveals five votes for Paul and three for Cece, making him the third person to be voted out of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” Despite the blindside, Paul wishes his tribe good luck on his way out.

Who was voted out: Paul, Gen X

Paul Survivor
Paul was blinded by the Gen X tribe and sent home in episode 3. CBS