And then it was down to 16 contestants. Wednesday’s episode of CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” had the Brawn, Brains and Beauty tribes competing for the chance to win immunity and remain in the game. Find out which cast members found an immunity idol and who was eliminated in episode 3, “The Circle of Life.”


When Brawn returns from episode 2's tribal council, Scott admits to Alicia he voted for her. Scott says he did not vote for Jenny, despite knowing she was going home, because he made her a promise he wouldn’t. Alicia calls his actions “stupid” to the cameras and hints he will not win back her trust.

Alicia later tells Cydney, who has an alliance with the men on the tribe, she thinks Scott needs to go. Cydney goes back to Scott and Jason and reveals Alicia trusts her now, which is a plus. 

Immunity Idol Twist

While the Beauty tribe is preoccupied, Tai escapes to continue his search for an immunity idol. He goes back to the tree holding the key to the immunity idol box but discovers he’s misplaced the tool he needs. He decides to make his own tool using a series of sticks and manages to get the key out of the tree. He uses the key to open the box, which is buried under a tree, and earns the immunity idol. “This idol and I belong together,” he says.

After celebrating, Tai discovers this season’s twist: Combining two immunity idols creates one super idol, which can be played after the tribal council vote has been read. Tai calls the big twist “fantastic.”

The Brawn tribe’s Alicia and Cydney also go in search of an immunity idol. They find a clue that tells them to dig and Cydney sends Alicia back to camp to get a hoe. When she leaves, Cydney tells the cameras she found a tool and the immunity idol box but needs to find a key. Alicia comes back before Cydney can complete the mission and they both go back to camp.

At camp, Cydney tells Scott and Jason about her big find. The two men go out looking for the idol and Alicia follows close behind them. Jason finds the clue and eventually discovers the key’s location. They construct their own tool to get the key and Alicia waits at the base of the tree in hopes of snatching it.

Alicia and the men go after the key once it falls, but Alicia fails to get to it in time. The Brawn tribe’s men get the immunity idol and also learn of the season’s twist. Alicia says she no longer trusts anyone in her tribe.

Immunity Challenge

Host Jeff Probst reveals the third immunity challenge will have the castaways jumping off a platform in the ocean, swimming to a boat where they will retrieve three bags of rice, putting the bags through tiny holes and carrying the bags over balance beams. From there, they must tear open the bags and find three balls. Those three balls must be maneuvered to the top holes of a puzzle. The first team to get their three balls in first wins immunity.

The Beauty tribe gets their rice bags through the hole first and gets an early lead on the puzzle. Julia gets the first ball in, Tai gets the second and Caleb gets the last ball in before the other tribes finish. Jeff announces the Beauty tribe’s win and they choose to take comfort items over their emotional items as a reward.

The Brawn tribe wins second place after going head to head with Brains at the end of the event, sending the Brains tribe to tribal council.

Brains Tribe Alliances

After the challenge, Liz tells Debbie she wants to send Neal home. Debbie, who previously told her teammates she wants to break up Liz’s alliance with Peter, tells the cameras she’s not following her plan. Neal says Liz and Peter need to be “punished.”

Peter doesn’t appear concerned about visiting tribal council and says the rest of the team is “clay” that they “mold.” Aubry notices Peter is trying to control her and reveals she doesn’t trust him. She says he has no “emotional intelligence” and is the tribe’s biggest threat. When Aubry tells Debbie her concerns about Peter, Debbie says the vote will be a “total blindside.”

Tribal Council

In front of Jeff, the Brains tribe admits they’re working in three pairs. They agree they tend to think things through mathematically, not emotionally, and that there is always an underlying sense of paranoia someone is gunning for them.

The vote results in a three-way tie, with Liz, Aubry and Peter each getting two votes. During a second vote, Liz gets two votes and is eliminated.

elisabeth-markham The Brains tribe sent Liz home in “Survivor” Season 32, episode 3. Photo: CBS

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