A shocking evacuation in episode 4 meant it was time for a tribe change on Wednesday’s installment of CBS’ “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.” Season 32, episode 5 revealed the new “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty” teams, and a twist. Find out who paired up with whom and which contestant was sent home in “The Devils We Know.”

Day 12 At Brain

With his alliance depleted, Peter says he feels at the bottom of the pack, comparing himself with a “neutered dog” because he “has no play.” He decides to share his medical expertise as a way to win over his tribe.

Neal becomes wise to Peter’s gameplay and says he wants to keep the hidden immunity idol out of his hands. When nobody is looking, Neal goes looking for the token and finds an idol. He also learns of the season’s super immunity idol twist.

New Tribes

The tribes come together, and host Jeff Probst reveals they’re switching things up. Jeff says they were planning to split the tribes into two teams of seven, but since Caleb’s medical evacuation in episode 4, things have changed. With an uneven number of players, Jeff says there will be six blue team members, six yellow team members and one red team member. He says whoever draws the red buff will have to go to Brawn beach alone. That individual will not go to tribal council, cannot be voted out and will not compete. He or she will return to the tribe that loses a member at tribal council.

Julia is the first player to get the red buff and says she had a “gut feeling” she would be the one. She attempts to look at the change in a positive way and says the only downside is not being able to get to know the other players.

The new blue team, Chan Low, consists of Neal, Debbie, Cydney, Michele, Jason and Nick. The new yellow team, Gondol, is made up of Scot, Tai, Peter, Aubry, Joe and Anna.


When the teams make their ways to their new camps, alliances begin to form. Peter says he’s happy with his new team and has no concerns. Debbie connects with Cydney and Jason, saying she’s a “mastermind” nobody saw coming. Nick also approaches Jason about teaming up. Jason says he and Cydney hold all the power in their group since they’re tiebreakers, being from the Brawn tribe.

Tai says he’s getting along well with his new tribe. He bonds with Scot, and the two pick mangoes together. Scot says he has a “man crush” on the Beauty member and thinks he’s an important part of their group. Meanwhile, Anna says she’s afraid she may be voted off. She realizes the vote will be between her and Tai, the only Beauty players on the team. Anna tries to get her team to vote off Tai by revealing he was previously searching for an immunity idol.

Brawn Beach

Julia wakes up alone dehydrated and can’t stop shaking. She says she feels her body shutting down and is experiencing paranoia. Julia worries she won’t be able to make alliances when she returns and calls being alone on the island the hardest part of the game thus far.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff introduces the first challenge to the new tribes and says immunity is back up for grabs. Episode 5’s challenge has two team members swimming into the ocean to retrieve a net full of fish puzzle pieces, two players untying the pieces and hooking them to a pole, and the remaining two contestants completing the puzzle.

Debbie and Neal complete the puzzle first, giving the blue team its first win and sending the yellow tribe to tribal council. Jeff reveals Julia will be joining the yellow tribe at the next reward challenge.

Back At Camp

Tai worries he will be sent home and considers playing his immunity idol. He reveals to Scot and Anna that he has an idol and the three strategize to use it to send Peter home. When Scot learns nobody is going to vote off Tai, he warns his buddy not to use his secret weapon. Scot tells the cameras he’s at an advantage because he knows two people — Tai and Jason — with idols, which can make one super idol.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, Aubry reveals to Jeff that the three Brain contestants are sticking together. Anna says her heart dropped when they switched teams and that she believes it will be either Tai or herself going home. Both players plead their cases, Anna saying she’s competitive and Tai reminding his team that he’s a hard worker. Before the vote, Jeff asks Tai whether he’s thinks there are idols on the island. Tai says he does not think there are, despite possessing one of them.

The results show one vote for Peter and four for Anna, which gets her eliminated.

anna-khait Originally a member of the Beauty tribe, Anna was sent home in “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng” episode 5. Photo: CBS

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