CBS aired episode 4 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” on Wednesday, an installment which host Jeff Probst called “unprecedented.” After three medical emergencies and one tribal council, two Season 32 "Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty" contestants were sent home in “Signed, Sealed and Delivered.” Find out who left the game.


The Brain tribe returns to camp after sending home Liz. Debbie is pleased by the tribal council outcome and calls herself “the mastermind.” Peter says he’s shocked by Liz's departure and says his tribe is no longer strong. Peter reveals that once there is a merge or a swap, he’s going to “take them out one by one.”

Reward Challenge

Jeff announces the tribes will be competing in a reward challenge for kitchen sets, which includes spices, coffee and pots. The contestants are told they must race through a series of obstacles and find a three bags of balls in a sand pit. From there, the balls must be rolled into a series of targets. 

The Brawn tribe takes a lead and hits the sand pit first. Brain follows closely behind them with Beauty in last place. The contestants make comments about how hot it is while digging in the sand and Jeff says its difficult watching them compete in the heat. After 45 minutes of digging, Brain finds their third bag and is the first tribe to move on and wins the challenge by a landslide. Their victory, however, comes with a price.

After completing the game, Debbie reveals she's suffering from heat stroke. The team calls over Jeff, who asks for medics. After cooling down Debbie's temperature, she's cured. "After the first few seconds of shade and water, I felt better," she tells the cameras. "I knew I wasn't being pulled from the game."

During Debbie's crisis, the two other tribes continue playing. Just as the Beauty tribe works to get their last ball in the puzzle, the Brawn tribe finds their third bag. Caleb works in overtime and wins second-place for Beauty, but shortly after falls to the ground. Cydney from the Brawn tribe also lays in the sand and says she can't move.

Medical Emergency X 2

"We are right here with you buddy. You’re in really good hands,” Jeff tells Caleb, who calls over the medics for both contestants. "Stay with us." The medics say Caleb is overheating and give him an oxygen mask and an IV. After monitoring his temperature, the doctors announce Caleb needs to be evacuated for further care and Jeff calls for a helicopter. Cydney is not evacuated after she reveals she's feeling better and her temperature returns to normal. 

When Jeff breaks the bad news to Caleb, it's clear he doesn’t want to be pulled. “Buddy, you don’t have a choice. It's a doctor's call," Jeff says. "You pushed brother. You pushed very hard. It took a toll. This is as far as you’re gonna go." 

caleb-reynolds_0 Caleb was evacuated in episode 4 of "Survivor: Kaoh Rong." Photo: CBS

Jeff, who called the three medical emergencies "unprecedented," informs the Beauty tribe that Caleb is leaving the game and Tai is the most visibly upset. "I wish it didn't have to be this way," Jeff says. The team says goodbye to Caleb before he’s evacuated and they all blow him kisses as the helicopter takes off. 

Tribe Drama

Back at the Brawn tribe, Alecia scolds Scott for calling her a “cheerleader” during the reward challenge and says he didn't display good teamwork. Alecia says she wants her tribe to work more as a team and not put each other down. Scott says Alecia is lucky to still be in the game and will be sent home at their next tribal council. Jason agrees, saying Alecia does not get the “big picture" and calls their future tribal council results “signed, sealed and delivered.”

Immunity Challenge

Jeff asks the contestants if they’re talking care of themselves after Caleb's emergency and the players say they are. He reveals the tribes will be competing for immunity in a challenge which has two players racing through a jungle and two diving in the ocean for puzzle pieces. The first tribe to assemble their puzzle first, wins.

The Beauty tribe starts on their puzzle first with Brawn right behind them but after making up a lot of time, the Brain tribe wins and gets immunity. Beauty comes in second-place and Brawn is sent back to tribal council.

Scott tells Jeff there is no chance Alecia will survive tribal council. Jason asks Jeff to do an immediate tribal council, but Alecia refuses to give consent because that would be “giving up.”

Tribal Council

Jason, Scott and Cydney tell Jeff nothing has changed regarding their feelings for Alecia since leaving the immunity challenge. Alecia says she has not had a good connection with Scott and Jason and doesn’t have respect for them. Scott says Alecia needs attention and he feels sorry for her. Jeff remarks that it is clear Alecia is going home, but that he’s still rooting for her. Ultimately, Alecia gets three votes and is sent home. 

alecia-holden Alecia was voted off by her tribe in "Survivor: Kaoh Rong" episode 4. Photo: CBS

Bye, Alecia.

"Survivor: Kaoh Rong" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.