And it was down to 12. The two tribes continued their efforts to win CBS’ “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng" on Wednesday’s Season 32 installment. Find out which tribe was sent to tribal council and who was eliminated in episode 6, “Play or Go Home.”

After sending home Anna during tribal council, Gondol returns to camp. Peter says his alliances are still shaky and he needs to get Joe out of the game in order to better his own chances of winning.

Reward Challenge

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst reveals to Julia, who was sent to Brawn beach alone in episode 5, will be joining the Gondol tribe. Jeff reveals the teams will be competing for a picnic, complete with meats, cheeses and beverages.

The challenge has the tribes send one player into the ocean to untie a net holding a series of buoys. The remaining tribe members must them shooting the buoys into a basketball-like net. The first tribe to get 10 buoys in, wins. Gondol gets former NBA player Scot to head the last leg of the challenge. Nick’s history of playing basketball earns him the role for Chan Loh.

scot survivor kaoh rong Scot's NBA past came in handy for his "Survivor: Kaôh Rōng” tribe in episode 6's reward challenge. Photo: CBS

Despite Chan Loh initially taking the lead, Scot manages to get 10 buoys in for Gondol first, winning his tribe the reward meal. Back at camp, Julia says she’s happy with the win, but fears she will be next on the chopping block. Peter seeks out Julia and tells her he wants to sent home Aubry and Jo. Julia says she’s happy to say anyone else’s name to keep herself safe. Aubry notices Peter talking to the newcomer and consider sending him home, but says its clear Julia is the easy vote.

After seeing Peter approach Scot, Joe confronts him and asks if he’s trying to get him eliminated from the game. Peter denies it, but Joe says he’s being transparent and vows to send him home if they fail to win the next challenge.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff reveals the tribes will need work together to get through a series of obstacles. Two tribe members must then use a pole to knock blocks out from an overhead bin. Once they get the blocks off, they must stack them one on top of each other. The first team to get their blocks stacked without falling for three seconds wins immunity. Jeff tells the tribes the group which utilizes the best teamwork will likely win the game.

Gondol gets ahead in the game at first, but they take a big hit when several of their blocks fall, some hitting Joe on the head and causing him to bleed. Chan Loh also has a few blocks that fall, but the tribe ultimately wins.


Back at Gondol camp, everyone is upset by their loss. Aubry says that it is not the right time to get rid of Peter and that it has to be Julia that goes home. Joe agrees to keep Peter on for the short term.

When Joe approaches Peter to clear the air following their previous argument, Peter says it is better for him to side with the Brains and take out Julia, despite aligning himself with her earlier on. When Scot learns of Peter’s change of heart, he calls him a “snake.”

Julia, knowing she’s on the chopping block, talks to Scot and Tai about her dilemma. She and Tai decide to talk to Aubry about Peter’s plan to get rid of her and Joe, but Aubry doesn’t make them any promises. In a secret meeting, Tai and Scott reveal they will have to vote out Julia.

After learning about Peter’s plan Aubry calls Peter a “wild card” and asks Joe if they should get rid of him once and for all. Joe slams Aubry for trying to change their plan last minute.

Tribal Council

When asked by Jeff to comment on her new tribe, Julia says she’s noticed a clear split among the ranks. Joe responds by telling Jeff he’s unsure how the vote is going to go. After some truths are revealed, Scot tells Julia and Tai to go with “original plan,” which was to vote in Peter during tribal council.

peter survivor kaoh rong "Survivor: Kaôh Rōng" star Peter was sent packing by his tribe in episode 6. Photo: CBS

Despite initially voting for Julia, Aubry changes her mind and writes down Peter’s name. The ER doctor gets four votes and is ultimately sent packing.

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