Sydney Dalton, notably known as Justin Bieber's number one enemy, became a hot trending topic Sunday.

Dalton, who shot to fame following her fallout with being a Belieber and switching over to boy-band One Direction, is once again caught between probably the greatest fan bases in the world.

Though she is exceptionally hated by both Beliebers and Directioners, yet Dalton has apparently united the two fan support groups in what is known as a historic moment for the social networking site.

Hardcore fans of the music sensations went hand-in-hand in voicing their fierce dislike for Dalton. A majority of the tweets directed at her were full of spite while some users ironically thanked her for unifying the two fan bases for this particular purpose.

People who are oblivious to the drama that's happening on Twitter should first discern as to who exactly Sydney Dalton is. Dalton was a true Bieber fan, who in 2010 was seen ripping up her idol's posters in a YouTube video, thereby illustrating that she had gotten over her Bieber Obsession.

Loyal fans aggressively attacked Dalton for her infamous conduct, and some fans have gone as far as sending her death threats.  The teenager was eventually kicked out of Bieber Army, a strong Twitter group, and was trending since then on the networking site. But the shocker came when Dalton bragged about meeting Bitish-Irish band One Direction last year, thereby igniting fury (and jealousy?) among Directioners.  

Though the two fan bases have something to agree upon as of now, yet it's quite likely that they may go back to fighting each other in the near future. Here are some of the top tweets Beliebers and Directioners have posted on Twitter:

- Mark this in your calendar! Beliebers and Directioners are getting along! :) haha! Never thought this day would come! :)

- Dear Sydney Dalton, it's not jealousy. We just hate you. That's all. Sincerely, Beliebers and Directioners.

- Beliebers and Directioners aren't fighting anymore.. thank u Sydney Dalton.

- Dear Sydney Dalton, we don't hate you because you're famous, you're famous because we hate you. Sincerely, Beliebers and Directioners.

- Loving the fact that Beliebers and Directioners are getting along :')

- Dear Beliebers and Directioners, this is the start of a beautiful fandom relationship ;3 No more hating, just feel the love !

- The reason Beliebers and Directioners don't get along is because there is so much in common between both fanbases.

- Jesus christ some of the beliebers and directioners have more followers than some celebrities!!

- Beliebers and Directioners shouldn't fight. like, how can I fight with myself?