On “Basketball Wives: LA” Season 5, episode 13 Tami Roman and Duffey came face-to-face for the first time since Tami fired the DJ as director of her daughter’s music video. The friends-turned-enemies met up during Jackie Christie’s trip to Portugal. Even though Jackie knew Tami and Duffey were beefing, she invited everyone on the mini-vacation in hopes that they can get along. But will Jackie’s plan work?

Sunday’s episode kicks off with Jackie packing for the trip to Portugal. She tells her husband Doug Christie about her plans to bring the girls together. She later invites Duffey and Malaysia Pargo to a language class so they can learn Portuguese. This is Jackie’s way of inviting Duffey and Malaysia on the girls’ trip to Portugal. After the girls have some trouble pronouncing Portuguese, Malaysia asks Jackie what’s going on and she tells them Dough paid for everyone to go to Portugal. Both Malaysia and Duffey are super excited to go on the trip.

Before heading to Portugal, Jackie asks her daughter to help her pick out a wedding dress for her and Doug’s 20th wedding anniversary party. As Jackie talks to her daughter about the party she starts to become worried because it’s sounding more like a backyard barbeque and not a fancy wedding like Jackie wants. Jackie is adamant that she wants to wear a wedding dress with a really long train on her anniversary, but her daughter doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

The episode also sees Duffey try to patch things up with Tami. She invites Malaysia and Tami to lunch, but when Tami skips the lunch Malaysia helps Duffey write a text message to Tami apologizing for what she said about Tami’s daughter during their argument.

During an event for Malaysia, Tami reveals she got Duffey’s text message but doesn’t feel like it was genuine. According to Tami they’re still feuding and she hasn’t forgiven Duffey yet. Tami also isn’t sure she wants to go on the Portugal trip because Duffey is going to be there but in the end she tells Jackie she’s coming.

When the ladies do arrive in Portugal, it’s revealed that Brandi and Duffey took a separate flight than everyone else. When Jackie, Tami, Malaysia and Shaunie O’Neal arrive at their suite in Portugal, there’s a note for Jackie. It’s from Duffey and it says that she and Brandi went to the bar to grab drinks to celebrate Brandi’s birthday. Tami tells the ladies that the trip will go smoothly if she and Duffey keep their distance from each other.

Later, Jackie tells Duffey about Tami’s request that they stay away from each other and Duffey starts crying, saying that she skipped her son’s graduation to come to Portugal. Duffey says if she knew Tami disliked her that much, she would have stayed home. Jackie promises to fix things.