DJ Duffey may have made amends with Tami Roman’s daughter Jazz, but her friendship with Tami is still rocky. On Sunday’s Season 5, episode 12, Tami made it very clear she’s not ready to patch things up with Duffey.

Duffey and Tami’s feud started after Tami fired Duffey as the music video director of Jazz’s video. Duffey didn’t like the way Tami let her go and took a few jabs at Jazz while arguing with Tami. On Sunday’s episode, Duffey apologizes to Jazz for saying anything to offend her. Jazz accepts Duffey’s apology and promises to put in a good word for Duffey with Tami.

However, when Jackie Christie suggests Tami meets with Duffey so they can work out their issues Tami says she has no interest in trying to work things out with her VH1 co-star. Tami explains that she doesn’t think it’s worth her time to meet with Duffey even though her daughter is cool with the celebrity DJ again.

Also during the episode, Jackie’s husband Doug Christie shows how romantic he can be by surprising his wife with a dinner date to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. During the date night, Doug proposes to Jackie and then tells her that he’s paying for her and her friends to go to Portugal. After everyone returns from Portugal, Jackie and Doug will renew their vows.

To also celebrate their wedding, Doug invites Reggie over to the house so they can prepare dinner for Jackie, Tami and Brandi Maxiell. While the men are cooking, Jackie tells Brandi and Tami about the trip to Portugal and says she’s inviting the entire group. Tami is hesitant to go on the trip because she’s not getting along with Duffey and says if she sees Duffey they might end up fighting.

Duffey and Tami aren’t the only ones beefing in episode 12. Jackie and Angel Brinks get into an argument (again) because of Jackie supposedly telling a woman named January to tell Angel that she once hooked up with Angel’s baby daddy. Angel feels like Jackie was wrong for bringing the woman over to her, and says she doesn’t feel like Jackie had her back. Angel starts crying, and Jackie says she feels her and Angel’s friendship is strained because Angel is always questioning Jackie’s loyalty.