Why people won't use Google Chrome OS

As more details of Google Chrome OS came out on Thursday, people already took to Twitter and blogs to voice their complaints with the new OS and shared why they won't be using it when it launches at the end of 2010. (See full article)

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Barnes & Noble says Nook shipments will be delayed

Barnes & Noble Inc said on Friday it had sold out of its first allotment of newly launched Nook electronic readers due to high demand and new shipments will not arrive in time for the holidays. (See full article)

Google phone strategy takes off, challenges ahead

Google Inc has won a seat at the smartphone table. Two years after the Web search leader announced its plan to barge into the market, a dozen phones are using Google's Android mobile operating software, including Motorola Inc's heavily promoted Droid phone. (See full article)

Gameloft says it, others reining in Android plans

French mobile phone games company Gameloft said it and other software developers were cutting back investment in developing games and other applications for Google's Android platform. (See full article)

Sony to launch online entertainment service in 2010

Sony Corp said on Friday that its planned entertainment content distribution service for network-compatible TVs and other devices will be launched next year. (See full article)