Might sound bizarre, but its true. If all, or the majority of the computers and laptops in the US used Google Chrome OS right now, it would save up to 1.5 million hours, or 217 years of energy consumption every day.

It's simple. Google is promising that its new operating system will boot up as fast as your TV - in less than 7 seconds. The average computer takes 30 seconds to boot up after pressing the power button.

From the time you press boot you want it to be like a TV: You turn it on and you should be on the Web using your applications, said Sundar Pichai, vice-president of product management for Google's Chrome OS.

According to Nielsen Online, there are 227,719,000 Internet users as of August 2009, that's 74 percent of the population.

Assuming that each computer is switched on at least once per day, then 1,897 658 hours of energy consumption are wasted everyday while computers are being turned on.

However, if all the computers were using Google Chrome OS then 217 years worth of energy consumption would be saved everyday in the US.

Google Chrome OS open source version was released on Thursday and will officially debut at the end of 2010.

Netbooks running Chrome OS will only be able to run Web applications and the user's data will automatically be stored on the Web in the so-called cloud of Internet servers.

Google Chrome OS resembles a Web browser more than it does a traditional computer operating system like Microsoft Windows.

Although some Chrome OS features are fresh and new, the product is proving to have early faults.

A big turn off is that Google Chrome OS is not for free, unlike the majority of its services, so it will not be available as a download to run and install on your laptop or Mac. Chrome OS will only be available at the end of 2010 when you buy a Chrome OS netbook approved by Google.

Another turn off for potential users is that unlike Windows computers, Chrome OS machines require Web access to run applications.

Sorry Google Chrome OS. I am NOT on the internet 100% of the time. I don't want an Operating System that is JUST a web browser, tweeted @pwobbler. (See more on Why people won't use Google Chrome OS)

This also means that users won't save their data on a hard drive but it will all be stored online.

NO APPS. Only Web Based. Rent your apps not own. Sorry some xtra security + open source does not equal #Google control 4 me, tweeted @schachin.

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