Leah Messer Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer didn't get to start her treatment in Thursday's episode of "Teen Mom 2." MTV/Viacom

Things are getting intense on "Teen Mom 2" Season 6. In last week's installment, Leah Messer made the decision to enter a facility after dealing with several struggles in her personal life. In Thursday night's installment, the mom of three set off to receive help for unnamed medical issues, but her trip didn't go as planned. Find out what happened to Leah, and the rest of the "Teen Mom 2" stars, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Jenelle Evans, in Season 6, episode 9 below.


Leah leaves for rehab and her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, arrive at their dad Corey’s house to stay for a month. When Leah’s mom Dawn drops off the twins, she informs Corey that she will be taking the kids to visit Leah over Mother’s Day. Leah’s mom refuses to disclose where her daughter is receiving treatment and Corey says he’s not comfortable not knowing where his kids will be.

Later on, Leah’s mom contacts her and let’s her know what happened during her talk with Corey. She says the disagreement “tore up” her nerves and that she doesn’t think he will give her back her kids when she comes home. “You would think that he would be supporting you when you’re having some medical issues,” Dawn says.

When Leah reaches out to her lawyer regarding her mom’s concerns, her lawyer advises her to get on a plane and return home. She tells her to settle a custody agreement with Corey before entering treatment because he could “file for abandonment” and get temporary full custody until a hearing is scheduled.

“I’m going to get home, get my babies secured and nothing at all, or anybody, is going to stop me from coming back here and getting therapy,” Leah says.

When Leah returns home, she's eager to start her treatment and immediately meets with her attorney.

When Corey speaks with his dad about the custody talks, he says he did not plan to keep the twins away from Leah. Ultimately, he says he's upset with Leah's mom for getting in the way of her daughter getting the help she needs. He does admit, however, that he thinks his ex-wife is receiving treatment for drugs, despite her claims she isn't.

Leah and Corey's lawyers are able to come to an agreement. Leah says she will start her treatment the following week.


With Isaac's father Jo and his pregnant girlfriend Vi now living in her hometown, Kailyn invites them to attend his soccer game. Kail later tells her husband Javi that at the end of the day, she just wants to be civil with Joe and Vi, but that she doesn’t want to “befriend them.”

With Jo living nearby, Kail says she needs to speak to him about Isaac’s child support payments and schedule. When the two meet up, Kail tells Joe she needs him to pay more child support. Joe asks that they figure out their financial issues on their own instead of going through a court and Kailyn agrees.

When Kailyn tells Javi that Jo came over to chat, Javi gets upset that he was inside their home. When Kailyn asks him to explain his upset, he says, "I don't want him at my house, point blank."


Drama erupts between Chelsea and Adam when the "Teen Mom 2" star is accused by her ex of not telling him and his family about Aubree's pre-school graduation. Chelsea calls his actions ridiculous, telling her mom she informed Adam of the big event weeks prior and says she has evidence to back it up. Chelsea says that unlike Adam, her boyfriend Cole is “responsible and mature” and took off work early to make sure he’s be there for Aubree’s big day.

“I think she is definitely starting to see the difference between a dad like Cole and a dad like Adam,” Chelsea says.

Despite Chelsea's fears that Adam would not show up to Aubree's graduation, he does make an appearance.

A few days after her big day, Chelsea meets up with friends and reveals that Cole is planning to move in. She also drops another bombshell: Aubree wants to start calling Cole "dad."


After revealing to Nathan that she wants to get back together with him following their domestic violence dispute, Nathan reveals that he has started dating someone else and doesn’t want to get back together. Janelle tells a friend she feels badly for their 1-year-old son Kaiser and that she wants her family together. Janelle’s friend tells her to reevaluate her life and focus on her sons, not Nathan.

When Nathan tells his side of the story, he claims his relationship with Jenelle is "toxic" and that she "brings out the worst" in him. He says he wants to co-parent with Jenelle but is having feelings for his new girlfriend, saying, “This is just making it a lot easier to leave her now.”

Later on, Jenelle reaches out to Nathan about figuring out their situation with Kaiser. During their phone call she breaks down in tears, saying she's upset he moved on from their relationship of two years so quickly. "I have not touched another man's skin for two f---ing years," she cries. "I can't stop having panic attacks. I can't get you out of my head."

After a few days pass, Jenelle gets a call from Nathan regarding Kaiser. Jenelle doesn't respond to his requests and finds herself being followed by Nathan on the road. When Jenelle finally answers his call, Nathan tells her to contact him when she wants to see their son.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.