jenelle evans teen mom 2
“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was upset with her ex in Monday’s Season 7 installment of the docuseries. MTV

Episode 2 of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" Season 7 was not light on drama. Two of the moms faced custody issues in "In the Dark" — Chelsea Houska's ex threatened to fight her for custody of their daughter and Leah Messer learned her ex-husband was granted primary custody of their twins. Elsewhere Jenelle Evans faced a scary situation with her ex and Kailyn Lowry discussed having another baby with her husband.


When her son Kaiser won’t stop crying, Jenelle allows his dad, Nathan Griffith, take him for a few days. A few days into his visit she learns Nathan took their child to Boston with his new girlfriend, the same one pressing charges on Jenelle, without her permission. When Jenelle confronts him about their vacation, he claims they're still in South Carolina, but later confesses.

“I feel like my son has been taken from me and I feel like I’m never going to get my son back. I really feel like my son has been kidnapped,” Jenelle tells a friend.

Jenelle’s lawyer reveals there’s nothing she can do about Nathan taking Kaiser to Boston since they don’t have a written custody agreement. When Jenelle talks to her mom about Nathan's actions, she reveals her ex begged her not to press charges on him.

When Jenelle goes to pick up Kaiser from Nathan’s mom, she discovers someone gave Kaiser his first haircut. Jenelle accuses Nathan’s hairstylist girlfriend of doing it. “I’m so heated right now,” Jenelle says.

When Jenelle calls Nathan he denies letting Jessica cut his hair. Jenelle tells Nathan she’s changing her phone number and if he wants to see Kaiser, he needs to take her to court for visitation.


Chelsea shares her ex Adam Lind hasn't contacted her about having unsupervised visits with their daughter Aubree since her first day of school. Later in the episode, he texts her and the two get into a disagreement.

Adam’s text to Chelsea reveals he doesn’t think she’s being “civil” and willing to “sit and talk” to him about Aubree, but Chelsea says she’s not against mediation. Fresh off buying a house and getting his license reinstated, Adam says he wants Aubree as often as he has his other daughter Paislee, every other weekend and a couple of night during the week.

When Adam’s makes his plan to fight Aubree public online, Chelsea vents to her dad. Chelsea worries it’s a possibility he’ll get unsupervised custody. Her dad reveals he’s paying the lowest possible amount for child support — $171 per month — and that it should be adjusted accordingly.

Elsewhere, Chelsea's relationship with her boyfriend Cole starts to progress. When she meets with a friend for lunch, Chelsea says she feels she will know when he will propose to her. After gushing about Cole, Chelsea shows her friend the infamous nude photos Adam posed for. “I feel, like, dirty looking at it,” Chelsea says.


After finding out her son Isaac's father's girlfriend has given birth, Kailyn takes him meet his new baby sister, Vivi. Kailyn brings Vivi a gift and Isaac tells his mom she has “baby fever."

Back at home, Kailyn tells her husband, Javi Marroquin, about Issac’s baby fever comment. Javi says that since their son Lincoln was born, he’s wanted to have another child. Kail says she’s well aware of that fact and that it were up to him, she’d have four kids already. Kail says she doesn’t know about having another baby so soon because she only has one year of school left.

Elsewhere in their storyline, Javi learns he may have to go overseas for a little bit, but his deployment is not definite. He says he doesn’t know how long he’ll be gone for and where he’ll be located. With Javi's deployment lingering on their minds, Kailyn says she doesn’t want to fight with Javi over things like Jo and his girlfriend.


A month after her custody hearing with her ex-husband Corey Simms, Leah says she still hasn’t heard about a ruling regarding their twins daughters, Ali and Aleeah. Leah also reveals she's “emotionally” and “physically” drained after Ali's doctor's appointment results. She says she's accepted the fact that her daughter will be wheelchair bound in a few years, but can't help but worry.

When Leah calls to find out if the judge made a decision in the custody case her lawyer has no answers and Leah calls her sister Victoria to vent her frustrations. Leah says she’s trying not to work herself up about the court situation because she’s worried her anxiety will take over if she doesn’t. Later in the episode, Leah calls Victoria and says she can't pick up the twins from school because she's too tired and has fears about what the future holds.

When Corey meets with his lawyer, it is revealed Corey got “everything he asked for” and is named their primary legal custodian. Corey's lawyer says Leah only has one school day with the kids and Corey will have the girls Monday through Friday.

“This is what’s going to build them to be a mature adult that’s going to succeed in life and that’s going to go places,” a visibly emotional Corey says of his daughters. “I’m glad this went their way.”

“Teen Mom 2” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.