Leah Messer wants her fans to know she has changed. After fighting for custody of her twins with ex Corey Simms and going to a treatment center for anxiety and depression last year on “Teen Mom 2,” Leah now has shared that she’s been working with a life coach. 

“This is actually the first time I’ve said much about me or my life because you see me on TV or hear BS Teen Mom/Small Town Gossipers. But you will realize how I proudly choose to be above all the BS w/ any of it,” Leah, 24, stated in a Facebook post Thursday. The MTV star said the way others pass judgment on her no longer bothers her. She credits forming a strong relationship with God, getting guidance from her life coach and spending more time with her daughters for changing her ways.

“I’ve found a different growth in my relationships with him like NEVER before. It’s truly inspirational and amazing! I’m in love,” she wrote of her religious beliefs. Leah added that bonding with her three daughters and “living in each and every moment” with them has also improved her quality of life. “I only THOUGHT my relationship with my daughters was quite remarkable before. The relationship I have with my girls now is quite magical and amazing to feel!”

Leah admitted all of her mental, emotional and physical changes would not have been possible without the guidance of her life coach, Lindsay Rielly, who also is her manager. “God KNEW what he was doing when he brought YOU into my life,” she wrote, saying Rielly has taught her to be the best version of herself and a “beautiful, classy, successful and empowering woman.”

While Leah isn’t always shown in the best light on “Teen Mom 2” — she has previously slammed the show’s editing — she’s hopeful future episodes of the series will show her new journey in a positive light. “MTV does get real s---, and then they have to twist s--- or whatever they do. We all know it happens and it’s going to happen. I know it will get better, and I can’t wait for everyone that does follow my story and can see through whatever editing is done to see what a beautiful place I am in now, and that God walked me through some pretty difficult times for a very good reason.”

Leah did not address her most recent life change in her post. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports she just bought her first home in West Virginia, a storyline that will likely be featured on Season 8 of the docuseries. Leah had teased on Twitter on May 10 that she was looking into buying a home.