Monday night’s episode of “Teen Mom OG­” featured all of the MTV series’ stars, but it was Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra who stole the show. Find out which cast members went to their wedding and relive the reality stars’ big day below.


With her and Tyler’s yearly meeting with their daughter Carly, whom they gave up for adoption as teenagers, behind them, Catelynn says she’s excited about their wedding. When Tyler picks up his dad to go to the wedding rehearsal, he drops the news that Carly’s adoptive parents don’t want to meet him. Tyler says he thinks they’re scared to see Butch, who is fresh out of prison. Tyler tells his dad not to approach his biological granddaughter and Butch says he will respect their wishes.

Catelynn and Tyler rehearse their wedding ceremony. Later that day, they go out to eat with their families. During the meal, Tyler talks to his mom about his meeting with Carly. He reveals that during their visit, Carly accidentally called him “Daddy.” Tyler says he didn’t acknowledge her mistake. Catelynn tells her friends she and Tyler have been “10 years in the making” and that she’s not nervous. Catelynn says she will not see Tyler the night before the wedding. 

During the meal, Butch gives Tyler his blessing and apologizes for his past actions. He cries and says he has no words to express how much he loves him. Catelynn comforts him with a hug. 

On the day of the wedding, Catelynn finds out her veil is missing. She says her venue is four and a half hours away and there’s no way for her to get it. Catelynn’s florist comes through and allows her to borrow her veil from her wedding. 

Outside, Catelynn and Tyler’s guests begin to arrive. Butch goes out to greet everyone and meets Maci, Bentley and Amber for the first time. Butch tells Bentley he used to see him on TV all the time when he watched the show from prison. Kailyn and Javi from “Teen Mom 2” also show up for the nuptials.

When Catelynn is in her wedding gown, Carly’s adoptive mother, Teresa, comes to see her. Teresa tells Catelynn she looks “stunning” and she’s proud of her. She even helps Catelynn put her veil on.

Before Catelynn walks down the aisle, her little brother, Nick, breaks down in tears. When Cateylnn asks him what’s wrong, he says she looks “pretty,” which causes everyone to laugh.

After Tyler and Catelynn’s daughter Nova is pulled down the aisle in a wagon, Catelynn walks down with her mother and father on her arms. Tyler gets emotional when he see his bride and takes a moment to wipe his tears before exchanging their personal vows. In his vows, Tyler touches on them being middle school sweethearts and giving up Carly for adoption. Teresa is seen lovingly touching Carly’s face as Tyler talks about their teenage “crisis.” 

After taking the plunge, Catelynn’s mom meets Carly for the first time. Butch sees the interaction and asks one of the “Teen Mom” producers if she can ask Teresa for permission to meet his granddaughter. When the producer says she thinks Tyler should be the one who asks for permission, Butch says he’s going to meet her anyway. He approaches Carly and says she’s “pretty.”


During their reception, Tyler’s mom says he couldn’t have picked a better woman for his son. On the dance floor, Catelynn and Tyler have a special dance with Nova and Carly. The entire room bursts into tears when Tyler picks up Carly for their dance. “This is the best day ever in my life,” Tyler tells Teresa. Catelynn later tells Maci, Amber and Kailyn the special dance was not planned and was Carly’s idea.


Maci’s boyfriend Taylor reveals he wants to purchase a clothing company. Maci worries that the responsibilities that come with owning a company will be too much for them with two kids in the house, but says she thinks Taylor will succeed. Taylor says he’s excited about the new business venture.


Taylor buys the T-shirt company and receives all the inventory. He says his ultimate goal is to be able to let their parents retire and not have their children worry about being in debt. Taylor says they need to do a mega relaunch and have a photo shoot. Maci asks her female friend to participate in the shoot. With the help of several friends, Maci and Taylor pull off the shoot and are happy with the results. 


Amber says she wants to start investing in her and her daughter Leah’s future and decides to look into buying rental properties. Amber tells her real estate agent she has been considering flipping homes for a year and that she and her future husband Matt eventually want to open up sober living homes. Amber and Matt make an offer on the third home they see and it’s accepted. They say they hope their investment pays off because sober houses are expensive to run.


Farrah arrives in Omaha with her daughter Sophia and her mom Debra. En route to the hotel, Farrah gets angry at Debra for yelling at another driver. Farrah says she’s starting to have second thoughts about having Debra watch Sophia while she’s working in the U.K. Farrah talks about her concerns with her old therapist and say she thinks her mom’s bipolar behavior makes Sophia more aggressive. Farrah cries when she says she has scars from her childhood and doesn’t want Sophia to suffer the same way she did.

Farrah’s dad agrees to take care of Sophia. When Debra learns she will not be taking care of her granddaughter, she says she lost her job over taking time off to take care of the child. Sophia chooses to leave the room when Farrah breaks the news to Debra, telling the “Teen Mom” producers she doesn’t want to hear her grandma cry. When Farrah checks in on Sophia, she says she’s fine, she just doesn’t want Debra to baby-sit her.

Farrah agrees to meet her mother for dinner in her childhood home after their argument. She vows before entering not to fight with her mom in front of Sophia, but Debra brings up the topic of not being able to watch Sophia. When Debra is asked by a producer to speak about her upset, she lashes out and says she doesn’t care about her daughter’s decision. Farrah tells her mom she does care about her feelings. Sophia says she’s scared, and Farrah picks her up and takes her away and leaves the house.

“I am above this bull----,” Farrah tells Debra. “I am leaving. I love you. I hear you. But you’re not going to be watching Sophia full time.”

Debra says she’s hurt and Farrah compares her mother’s action to a temper tantrum. Farrah begins to cry and Sophia refuses to give her grandmother a kiss goodbye.

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