Kail Lowry of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" responded to rumors she's cheating on her husband on Twitter. MTV

Kail Lowry isn’t taking rumors of her alleged infidelity lightly. The “Teen Mom 2” star, who was open about her marriage problems to husband Javi Marroquin on Season 6 of the MTV docuseries this year, slammed Stevie Ryan on Twitter Sunday night after the actress and former “Stevie TV” star questioned Javi about his knowledge of the cheating accusations.

“Heard Kail is going on vacay with her side dude after you get deployed. Any thoughts Javi?” Ryan, 30, asked to the father of one and U.S. Air Force member. The 30-year-old actress said her question was prompted by an unsourced “blind item.”

Before Javi could respond to her question, Kail, 23, jumped into the conversation. “Ya got me,” she wrote. “I guess you should cancel your flight jav.” But the drama didn’t stop there.

Ryan accused Kail of being “defensive” and reminded her of a scene from “Teen Mom 2” when Javi accused her of hiding her cell phone from him. “We saw how you hide your phone & texts from poor Jav,” she wrote. Ryan went on to taunt the couple, saying her “neck is longer than their marriage will be” and sharing her desire to question them during the show’s upcoming reunion show, which she has hinted she wants to host.

“It’s gona get pretty awkward with javi & my side dude in the same place,” Kail wrote. “I’ll be sure to bring my a game.”

“I’m not the one who’s unsure if my baby is MY baby bc my wife hides her phone,” Ryan responded. “But I’ll ask that at the reunion show too.”

After Javi slammed Ryan for being a former reality star, Kail tweeted a few, final digs in response to Ryan's insults about her life choices. “Stevie, your come backs suck. Knocked up @ 16 and did baby dads. Cool. I still make more $ than you AND about to be holding a college degree. Don’t talk about hard work when you don’t know my story.”

Unfortunately for Kail, the actress had a few parting words for the “Teen Mom 2" couple. Ryan said she was “fine” with Kail making more money than her, but said she’s “still hotter.”

Javi was reportedly due to be deployed after Christmas. The family of four, which includes the couple’s 2-year-old son Lincoln and Kail’s son Isaac, 5, are said to have celebrated the holidays in their Deleaware home.