College is a big step for any teenager. However, it’s significantly more worrisome when you’re the protector of your hometown. In MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Season 6, Scott will be preparing to graduate. His portrayer, Tyler Posey, revealed to reporters at New York Comic Con that the alpha werewolf will trying to make sure Beacon Hills remains protected while he is in college.

“He’s a little worried,” Posey told International Business Times. “He wants to make sure that Beacon Hills is safe when he’s gone. So he’s really trying to like, get to Liam and just be like, ‘Yo, you need to step your s--- up. Like, you’re going to be the leader of this town when I’m gone.’”

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) is the natural next choice. However, he’s still new to being a werewolf. Will he be ready to lead a pack of his own? It seems like Scott thinks he will. The senior is still planning to leave his hometown after graduation. Posey isn’t so sure he’ll be able to stay away, though.

“He’s a little worried but excited at the same time to go to college and possibly just escape Beacon Hills for a little while…until things go to hell again and he needs to stay home. So we’ll see,” the 24-year-old said.

Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott’s mother, revealed that Mama McCall is proud of her son, and she noted that much of the final season would focus on transitioning to a new phase of life. “I’m sure she’s glad that he got in. He’s been applying himself,” Ponzio explained. “It’s really interesting how Jeff [Davis, showrunner] is handling the whole transition into them becoming adults and what that means and how you feel kind of moving out of one role and into another.”

It doesn’t sound like everyone is worrying about the future. Though Lydia (Holland Roden) likely has her pick of colleges, Roden said that her character hasn’t been talking about school too much.

“Lydia could’ve gone to college last year. She’s just hanging out with her friends,” Roden said. “I would be pretty excited to leave Beacon Hills, so I’m surprised she’s not. Mentally, I’m thinking about college for Lydia, but I don’t know if, on the show, if Jeff is thinking about college for Lydia.”

Not everyone is going to make it to graduation. As previously reported, Davis revealed that the “Teen Wolf” writers have a hit list for the final season. “I prefer a good death,” the executive producer said. “Not just blood and not just for the shock of it. I’d rather it be meaningful death. So someone’s gonna die, yes.”

Of course, Davis didn’t give any hints about who will meet their end this year. Fans will have to tune into “Teen Wolf” Season 6, which premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV, to see who bites the dust and who gets their diploma.