Lydia Martin is a wanted woman on “Teen Wolf.” The character doesn’t have the best luck with guys, but she still seems to have a couple different men lusting after her. Stiles had a crush on her while growing up, but Parrish seemed to be developing feelings for Lydia too. However, actress Holland Roden revealed to reporters at New York Comic Con that she isn’t too sure if Parrish and Lydia have a romantic connection in Season 6.

“I liked Parrish and I’s relationship because you weren’t really sure — well, most of it was fabricated, technically, through dreams. Usually on Parrish’s side,” Roden told International Business Times. “But at the same time I think they also felt connected, but it was because they both felt death around them. And they both had a power that was associated with feeling death.”

Parrish (Ryan Kelley) is a hellhound while Lydia is a banshee on the MTV drama. However, even Roden was unsure of Lydia’s feelings for the deputy. While there is definitely a connection, it’s difficult to tell if it’s just about powers or something more romantic.

“She just felt empathy towards him. She was just empathetic with what he was going through so it’s hard to know,” the 30-year-old actress said. “I like how Jeff [Davis, showrunner] walks that fine line of was there really anything there? Or was it just a really close connection because they went through similar experiences? So it’s hard to know which one it was.”

Lydia’s banshee history will be explored a little more in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. “A lot of the season is not focused on the banshee-ism, but there is one amazing episode that is all banshee history,” Roden revealed. “That’s a really fun episode. I think you guys are going to like that a lot.”

What a lot of fans would really like is to see Lydia spend more time with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Though he’ll disappear for part of the season when the Ghost Riders, he’ll say something important to Lydia before he gets taken. In the latest trailer for “Teen Wolf” Season 6, he is seen telling someone, “Remember that I love you.” However, Roden tried to play coy when asked how Lydia would react to those three words.

“Everyone’s talking to me about this,” Roden said. “We don’t know who he’s saying it to! It could be Scott! I just don’t know who it is.” Fans will have to tune in to confirm who Stiles is in love with.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.