Catfights are not new to the entertainment industry and in most of the cases; the fight is for a man. This incident took place almost a year back in Miami's Dream Nightclub last year when the famous Victoria Secret Model Selita Ebanks allegedly hit the 34-year-old Telemundo model Liza Irizarry and broke her nose for kissing boyfriend Terrence J.

The fight began when Ebanks saw Irizarry kiss her boyfriend, BET host and actor Terrance J, outside Miami's Dream nightclub last year

Liza Irrizary told the Daily News that she was in so much pain after the incident that her "pillow was covered in blood". During an interview in her lawyer Edward Steinberg's office, she said, "When she (Ebanks) saw me, she said, 'don't be kissing my man. I said to myself, 'So what? That's my friend.' That's when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back-that's when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me."

Irizarry claimed that she had been friends with Terrance J for four years and she was just giving her friend a warm kiss on his cheek but a drunken Ebanks attacked her after seeing the kiss in a different way.

Irizarry said that when she got back to New York from Miami, her doctor diagnosed her with a complex nasal fracture and a nasal obstruction which required a surgery.

Irizarry is upset with model Ebanks and has filed a police report. According to the Daily News, she will be filing a suit for assault and battery in Hudson County Superior Court near Ebank's New Jersey Home. The suit will demand cash for injuries, medical bill and pain caused.

Edward Steingberg, Irizarry's lawyer questioned why no arrests have been made despite of them providing medical certificates and filing a complaint to the police.  On the other side, Ebank's lawyer Paul Rotenberg ridiculed the issue, called the allegations "baseless" and said that the suit "is nine months old and completely without merit.