Fans of the just canceled Fox drama Terra Nova have taken to Twitter to lament the network's decision and hoped the dinosaur-themed show would get a new home.

While Fox has yet to issue a press release on the decision and there has been now word from the official Terra Nova Twitter account, Entertainment Weekly reported Terra Nova was getting the ax and that it will possibly have the distinction of being the highest-rated show to be canceled this season.

The show, which debuted in September 2011, follows the Shannon clan as they travel 85 million years back in time when dinosaur's ruled the Earth.

The family joins a human colony known as Terra Nova that tries to form their own civilization.

Acclaimed film director Steven Spielberg was among the show's executive producers.

There is some hope for Terra Nova fans: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fox is shopping the show to other networks.

The show became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday morning as word spread of the fate of Terra Nova.

Sad to hear about Terra Nova but I hope it gets picked up by another network! said @AriaCortes.

Ey Terra Nova got cancelled :(( I liked that show! proclaimed @nigzy92.

And why did Fox cancel Terra Nova? I'm just starting to love the show along with an average of 10 mil others. :(, said @iamjohngabriel.

Other Twitter users said they expected the show to be canceled.

Terra Nova cancelled. SHOCKING! #not, posted @el_joropo.

Terra Nova got cancelled.Can't say I'm not surprised. Plot was boring and the writing was really bad. And they overused the dinosaurs, said @MarkPempengco.

Terra Nova cancel ? Thank god that show was horrible. Hopefully they can use its money to save Fringe, wrote @dghisgd, referring to another Fox show that has a cult following.