Ashley Billasano, an 18-year-old Texas teenager, posted 144 tweets in six hours on Tuesday detailing her sexual abuse before committing suicide.

She told over 500 followers that she was sexually abused by a family member and forced into prostitution, Newser reported.

According to Chief Craig Brady with the Fort Bend County Sherrif's Department, Billasano reported sexual abuses to authorities over a year ago in Williamson County, near Austin, but was told there was not enough evidence for charge, reported

After the first time she was abused, she claimed she dealt with the pain by taking apart a razor.

I did what I had to do to forget, she said.

It's obvious she needed somebody to talk to and that's what I believe those tweets were, said Chief Braidy told She was trying to communicate and trying to get people to talk to her.

Billasano announced her plans to commit suicide on Twitter Tuesday.

Her last tweet read, Take two. I hope I get this right.

Soon thereafter, Billasano suffocated herself, police reported, using a technique it seemed she learned from the internet.