Many have speculated that the reason for Tiger Woods's recent downfall has been due to his personal life which has prevented him from playing more tournaments which in turn causes him to struggle with his focus.

Experts say that since Woods has been playing less tournaments his results have suffered.

On Thursday, Woods basically confirmed it was true when asked why he plays less tournaments.

Because I have a family. I'm divorced, said Woods from Doral, Florida. If you've been divorced with kids, then you would understand. 

There you have it.

Woods is spending more time with his family, and because of it, he's not quite the same Tiger Woods we've seen dominate golf for several years.

One aspect of Woods's performance that has clearly suffered is his short game. Woods was once among the best putters on the tour, but recently he's been converting less.

Yet again, Woods is aware of his shortcomings.

I didn't focus on my short game as much as I needed to and I have in the past, said Woods in January, at Torrey Pines. It's because I was making so many swing changes, and it's hard to allot as much time as I needed to that.

Woods has not a won a title since the 2009 Australian Masters, and this is not a fact that is lost on many golf fans.

From Woods being scrutinized for his personal life, he is now being scrutinized for his golf performance.

Will we ever see the dominant Tiger Woods again?