California is a traditionally blue state. At its epicenter lies Hollywood, where celebrities have vocally opposed Donald Trump since his nomination for president. Now the president-elect is receiving blowback in the form of mocking jokes—about his wife. And comedian Tim Allen has a problem with that.

"It gets a little hypocritical to me that you can now bully people," Allen said Tuesday during an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Allen's comments come in the wake of Saturday night's American Music Awards, where multiple celebrities used the platform to denounce Trump in various ways. Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day, led the singing of "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA." Model Gigi Hadid took to the stage to impersonate his wife, Melania Trump, mocking her foreign accent and her speech at the Republican National Convention.

"I don't think it's appropriate in that venue, but I'm not a spokesman for Hollywood, I'm a comedian," said Allen, who stars in the sitcom "Last Man Standing."  

Hadid issued an apology for the jokes after many took to Twitter to protest her mocking Melania Trump's accent. 

Allen went on to say that he felt the criticism of Trump was mostly unfounded and cited Trump's waving of LGBT flags at some of his rallies.  "Mostly what I'm finding is that there's no source material," he said.

Allen told the Hollywood Reporter in a January interview that he'd be open to a Trump presidency. "I'm not opposed to anybody if their workload matches their bullshit load," he said. "When you watch the debates, on both sides you see clowns who say shit that ain't ever going to happen, but lately one party is the free shit party... That's how you rack up debt, and debt is killing us. Whatever party is going to get us out of debt is my party."