It appears it might be too early to start the celebrations for Tim Tebow's arrival in New York City, according to ESPN.

Adam Schefter reported that the proposed deal of Tebow from the Broncos to the Jets for a fourth and sixth round draft pick could fall through. Tebow's contract has $5 million worth of recapture language the Jets might not be willing to accept. The deal had reportedly been agreed to by both teams before the Broncos asked the Jets to pay back some of Tebow's bonuses and already paid salary.

Schefter reports that the St. Louis Rams could be a possible landing spot for Tebow if the trade with the Jets falls through.  A league source did tell the ESPN NFL Insider that he believed that the deal would still go through, but that the contract was complicating things.

A failed trade would mark one of the wildest days in Jets team history. Once news broke of an impending deal of Tebow to the Jets, fans and sports commentators immediately took sides on whether they liked the deal or not.

Jason McIntyre, editor of The Big Lead, took to Twitter to discuss how much he liked the deal from a Jets perspective.

I want to hear from Jets fans who do NOT want Tebow, he wrote. Try to talk me out of being excited. Friends I text so far 3-for-3 happy with it.

Others didn't feel quite the same. WFAN sports radio host Mike Francesa went on an epic rant about why the move was so stupid for the Jets. Francesa stated that it would turn the team into a three-ring circus and that the move was made from purely a financial standpoint and not from a football perspective.