A deadly blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport killed at least 23 people on Monday, agencies have reported.

The Guardian said it was a suspected suicide attack. According to the spokeswoman for the investigative committee of the federal prosecutor's office, at least 23 people died in the attack, the report said. The cause of the blast, which took place in the in baggage-claim area was not unknown, the spokeswoman said.

Following is a timeline of major attacks in Moscow in recent times:


June 11, 1996 - A bomb rips through a Moscow subway train, killing four people and injuring 12. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov called the attack as a wild terrorist act, according to a CNN report. Though no one claimed responsibility for the blast, Federal security officials said the blast was the handiwork of either anti-government activists trying to disrupt the upcoming elections or Chechen rebels, according to CNN.

-- -- On February 6, 2004, a rush-hour suicide blast killed 39 people and injured 100 more in an underground train in Moscow.

-- On March 29, 2010, at least two blasts struck Moscow metro stations during rush hour, killing 37 people and wounding 33, Reuters reported.


On August 31, 1999, a bomb exploded in an amusement arcade in a shopping complex near Kremlin. According to Reuters about 29 people were injured. Officials called it an act of terrorism but did not link it specifically to Chechen separatist militants.


On September 9, 1999, a devastating bomb blast pulled down an apartment block in southeast Moscow, killing 94 people. Officials said it was terrorist act. More than 200 people were injured in the blast.

-- In another apartment bombing on September 13, 1999, an eight-storey block of flats in Moscow was destroyed, killing as many as 118 people. Officials blamed Chechen fighters the attack, Reuters reported.


An explosion in an underpass in central Moscow killed 13 people and injured dozens on August 8, 2000.


On July 5, 2003, two female suicide attackers killed 15 people by detonating themselves at an open-air rock festival at Moscow's Tushino airfield. Sixty were wounded, Reuters said.