First-person shooter “Titanfall’s” beta registration launched on Wednesday. The much-anticipated EA title will hit shelves for the Xbox One and PC on March 11, and for the Xbox 360 on March 25. Gamers are excited for Respawn’s latest endeavor – and EA predicts the franchise will “be around for a long, long time.” Is “Titanfall” worth the hype? Before you run to Best Buy and drop $60 on the game this March, read what experts are saying about it.

“I haven’t been this genuinely giddy after experiencing a much-anticipated game for the first time since E3 2004, when I initially got my hands on Halo 2 multiplayer in CTF matches on Zanzibar,” said IGN last August. “You almost never stop moving in ‘Titanfall.’ Ever. You walk, you run, you jump, you double jump, you wall run. You hop in your Titan mech. You dash in your Titan. You do all of those things in a row or in various combinations.”

The gaming site praised the game’s “tactical loadout” and “giggle-inducing Smart Pistol.” IGN also assured gamers that “'Call of Duty’ players will be right at home.”

“The end takeaway from my initial impression of 'Titanfall' is that it’s a rush – right down to the post-match Epilogue mode that saw the victors try to hunt down and kill the losers as the latter attempted to flee to a dropship and escape the battlefield," said IGN.

The Verge agreed. “'Titanfall’ could be the most important game in years. It’s Microsoft’s first Xbox One exclusive stab at the first-person shooter, the best-selling game genre there is,” the site posted on Wednesday. “That’s not just hype. After three hours of playing the ‘Titanfall multiplayer beta, I believe the game might actually have a shot.”

Respawn cofounder Vince Zampella admitted he was actually a bit nervous about the game's hyped-up release next month.

When asked by a fan on Twitter on Feb. 2 if he was excited about “Titanfall’s” March 11 launch, Zampella responded with “yes, but mixed with a bit of fear. We want the launch to be as smooth as possible. Beta should help.”

Zampella confirmed the beta version of “Titanfall” for the Xbox One and PC on Jan. 27 via Twitter.  "#supersecret announcement time. I'm sure no one has been able to guess from the leaks. PC and XboxOne Beta! Details in the coming days,” tweeted Zampella. He also revealed that “Titanfall” on Xbox 360 will be developed by Bluepoint Games, the Austin, Texas-based developer of 2002’s “Metroid Prime,” a remastered version of 2011’s “The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection,” and 2009’s remastered “God of War Collection” for the PS3. 

“Even if you’re not particularly skilled at the game, “Titanfall” is designed to keep you having fun,” The Verge said. “Each pilot is also equipped with an anti-Titan weapon like a missile launcher, so you’ll always be able to defend yourself. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to games like ‘Battlefield’ where you have to choose a particular class of soldier in order to have anti-armor weaponry.”

Trusted Reviews also commended Respawn's upcoming game. "Not only can your troops move fast, but with practice you can use your momentum and chain wall-runs, jumps and mantles together, flipping elegantly from wall to wall to gain height and position, or using the jetpack to pull off daring airborne feats,” the site stated. “This gives 'Titanfall' a completely different feel to any other shooter.”

You can register for "Titanfall's" beta here.